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  1. Phung Luu

    Thank you 😊😊😊


    I really love this mind blowing 💆

  3. Jose Del Carmen Diaz Hernandez

    Gracias Land Without Words por compartir tan preciosa música… saludos..💫💫👍

  4. renejp tasse

    musique qui me transporte, musique cosmique

  5. ayayron

    18:10 <3

  6. ayayron

    38:00 <3

  7. Bro kh2


  8. 海鷗


  9. mssayesra

    Love all the music on your channel.beautiful sound for my soul that transport myself to the most calmer place in the whole universe. "My place where i was born", and now that im so far away i can only dream being there.

  10. Ulpah Mawar

    wow..You are biyautifull..
    And me laik this musik..
    I m from Indonesia..

  11. Hacker Profi


  12. yousef Balak


  13. Andreas Kleinschmidt

    so habe ich das Lied noch gehört

  14. Madara Uchiha

    ad có linhk mp3 của từng bài không

  15. pokeutopia

    What is the first song in chinese?

  16. Ralf Römgens

    I recognized something that almost sounded like a part of "I was made for loving you" of kiss at 38:40

  17. S.I.F.S


  18. like Djsjsjdkkdmdmd


  19. Aklilu Tesfamariam

    Good relax music

  20. toan nguyen

    thoai mai wa

  21. Phương Thảo Phạm


  22. Marilou Fontanilla

    good music for relaxation & meditation!

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