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  1. Alisha Potts

    I add raw egg yolks to my smoothies 😆 WHILE pregnant! Fat soluble vitamins are SUPER important during pregnancy especially.

  2. Ceut

    Not healthy at all but you can definitely pretend it's healthy if you want.

  3. Joan Parker

    Hello beautiful! Thank you for all your videos! Since my son & I are highly allergic to bananas 🍌 😢, eggs 🥚😳, dairy & gluten, have you experimented with desserts 🧁 🍪 with non-egg ingredients! Appreciate your thoughts! Thank you & have a spectacular day ☺️

  4. Joseph Westphal

    Why you call it sugar free if you put choclate and coconut sugar in it? do you think sugar form cocnuts is not sugar? so dump …

  5. Fallen Angel


  6. Besma Boudhene

    Salt does not help activate the baking powder… it actually does the opposit 🙂


    literally the best youtube video ever for me!!! I have watched this for 100x times and I am still watching this. ALSO this "my favorite place in the whole entire world is the kitchen" makes my heart so warm!!

  8. Anisa Hussain

    This will be my first time making vegan healthy cookies. They look so gooooooooood. Thank you for benefiting the word by making our bodies stronger with these nutritious and healthy recipes.

  9. Helene

    Don't know what I did wrong when making these (except switch out the almond flour for regular flour), but mine turned out more like scones😂 Still really good tho!

  10. Patricia Lee

    Recipe pls

  11. thebull Devoe

    Waaaaaaay to much sugar

  12. kneecole198

    You’re for sure healthy Nigella but with better lighting

  13. Revel Era

    Wow you’re a legend. I wanna try these !

  14. Niki Niko

    Healthy…. dont think so

  15. anita kropp

    recently stumbled on your channel! i have this past year figured out i might have an issue with gluten ( i have suffered for many many years with bloating pain etc) and have started the process of informing and educating myself on how i can eat better without gluten! i watched you make these with such much exuberance that i got up the next morning ran to store grabbed few additional ingredients i needed and made exactly like you did ! and they DO NOT disappoint they really are such a indulgent sweet treat that satisfied my craving and no bloat!!! thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  16. Aria Frost

    If your partner went out and bought Robin hood gluten free flour with tapioca flour in it can you substitute it for the tapioca flour

  17. Allison Curtis

    can you please make a recipe for brownies? I would love that

  18. Amy Lee

    Would it be possible to use all almond flour?

  19. Diána Németh

    favourite part 4:35 , just stopping for a beat like "am i really supposed to sweap this to the floor …. on camera? … oh well who cares… sweap-sweap 😀 i can very much relate 😀

  20. Daisy Cuevas

    what temp for oven?

  21. Snack School

    Looks great!

  22. Em Black

    if you like these you might like my most recent video!!

    VEGAN, PALEO, SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE cookies made with 5 ingredients (including AQUAFABA)!!
    it would mean the world if you checked it out 🙂

  23. Alice Wall

    to any one that had baked these: are they chewy cookies? <3 xoxo

  24. Kate Kingston

    Lol I love the Nigella mimic

  25. Rachel Lsn


  26. Rafaella Chaves

    Would you adopt me pls? 😂

  27. Jess S

    Step 1: be organised before you start
    Step 2: borrow an egg from your neighbour coz you don’t have one

    Where did you get that pink mixing bowl from? I want one!

  28. Sara Anderson

    These look so good. I cant have nuts so I might sub oat flour but I've never used tapioca flour and I'm excited to try it!

  29. Katie Foster

    These are so yummy! I made them with a few changes due to not having all the ingredients and they worked amazing!

  30. Theresa Du Preez

    What can I substitute almond flour for please, as I can’t eat nuts.

  31. Babyy Cakess

    Thank you for recommendations on healthier food choices 💞🙌🏽 I love cookies

  32. Theresa Polly

    DUDE YESSS Nigela —— sooooo sensual but oh so good haha love it

  33. Zosia Kener

    I made them today aaaaaand it’s awesome!!! I love this recipe! ❤️ Can’t wait another cooking show 👍👍

  34. Alex Davis

    OMG! these are amazing!! Thank you Sarah for being such a stellar human, having fun, and sharing your awesomeness with the world!

  35. Amber Sargeant

    Love these! So delicious 🙌🏼

  36. kissiahT

    You ever make the chickpea choc cookies??? They are amazing!

  37. Makeeda Swan

    So keen to make these but wondering what gluten-free flour I can use in place of the budckwheat flour? I have all of the ingredients except that… Als, 33 weeks preggers and loving all things chocolate lol so thanks for sharing!

  38. Hanna Roberts

    Omg I have been craving cookies for months! Made these today (as I can finally have natural sugars like honey again 😍). They’re soo yummy!

  39. olivia patrick

    could you do a video for beginners that want to get involved with health and wellness that includes all of the "essentials" that you have in your pantry/refrigerator?? i see the things you grab often but if you could put them all together and link where you get them from!! thank you!!☀️

  40. Indya Score-Owens

    Omg I would pretend I was on a cooking show too! 🙌🏼

  41. Lu Vs Chlo


  42. Alysha Matthews

    Just made these! They are so yummy 🤤

  43. Emma Colleen

    love your recipes!!

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