The best way to adjust the Steadicam arm

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After you adjust the balance from the sled and put the vest on your body, you need to adjust your arm on your body. The purpose of adjusting the arm of the body is to adjust the way the arm carries the camera load. Even if you wear a substitute, you should adjust your arms to make you comfortable.

I remember it was like yesterday. I listened to Peter talking about adjusting my arms at the Steadicam Operators Association seminar. In other words, Peter's action to adjust the arm involves adjusting the lifting force of each part until the two parts reach the lowest point at the same time, once you start from the top to the bottom and the bottom part contrasts. This is how I have been implementing it for many years. The arm has an amazing range of 32-inch booms and it has a fairly versatile elastic adjustment that changes the stroke of the arm. You will find that this arm has some drawbacks. Perhaps the most important thing is the internal friction of the arm. Friction leads to “stupid things” in our attempts to maintain a sober prosperity in our operations. So I have been re-examining my approach to adjusting my arms.

When it comes down to it, the arm creation function is very similar to the function of the human arm. This is why systems like Merlin don't need an arm. You just need to use your private arm! In fact, the human arm far exceeds any arm on the market. The problem is that we can only cancel a modest amount over a longer period of time. So I started playing with all the G70 arms to adjust it so that it moves in the way Peter taught me, but at the same time the lifting power is just right for lifting the load. Basically, if I let the arm go, it will come out directly from the bottom.

The goal here is usually made up of people in the equation… to make sure that we not only keep the arm at a specific boom height, but lift it slightly. Thus, the friction with the arm does not act like scrolling. When I tried this, I was very happy with the results. Of course, it shows that the correct arm performs more. On the other hand, I found it and it reminds me to use the boom height to create special options. I like!

You will adjust the cap screws on your avatar arm to set the arm's angle of entry and exit. The upper tee screws need to be identical before you start generating adjustments. However, if you have a big belly, you may find that you should slightly exit the upper screw. You need to adjust the bottom screw until you get the angle of the access arm that you feel comfortable with.

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