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  1. Zeajcharles Zeajcharles

    I honestly love youuuu sooooo muchhhhh!!!!

  2. Jerry Wang


  3. Anabel

    I love how they use their platforms to openly talk about mental health. Being someone who struggles with both anxiety and depression on a daily basis means so much to even see this topic being discussed. I admire this video so much. 💖

  4. ju l

    Lucinta Luna its that you?

  5. Rachel K


  6. Osmir

    Por favor, subtítulos.

  7. onenewgirl 1

    Love you guys💜

  8. Riasat Zaman

    Why someone disliked this video?!
    Thank you for posting this!

  9. Valerie Robertson

    Thank you to all involved for this. It’s so important that we talk about mental health to allow everyone to know they are not alone.

  10. Lance Lacson


  11. Sherwin Dave

    Mental health is just as important as Physical Health.
    World Mental Health Day 💖

  12. mark's rap in jopping

    lauv is one of the better things that i ever met in my life, i love him SO much.

  13. jennanuntavijan

    I love this!!! So obsessed with this

  14. Nina Ly

    Everything you said Lauv is exactly what I feel everyday, when you said you didn't want to be medicated, or the fact to be proud, to sort out the thing by myself, saying "I'm fine, I'm fine ".
    But when someone told ya that some drugs can heal your pain and your sadness and then let's suppose I would take those pills and then your friends would tell ya "ooh you look better these days that's great" but you know that's not by yourself but thanks to medication. So, meaning you can't be happy without those pills , so how do you feel? Because I feel like my pain means nothing…and it's not nothing when you lost someone you love, when you have no family, when you feel so lonely that it makes you feel so so bad, I can't understand. ..

  15. Marieke Reumann

    I love you so much. You're such an amazing artist 💕

  16. Tj Buyert

    Really important conversation and platform… and also my mans just said yams 😂

  17. Nayops 18

    “ That was June and now it’s October I don’t want don’t want to get over you “🎤🎶

  18. deadcarpet


  19. xiuren huang

    Lauv is my Savior

  20. Eleftheria P.


  21. SparkleOnWithJonSpirit

    Yes, meditation and sun salutation hatha yoga. I'm a gentle hatha and restorative yoga teacher and yoga has helped me tremendously. I've seen and witnessed my students create amazing change in their lives. Thank you to everyone speaking their truth. It's essential to eat whole foods and vegetables. Let's keep the conversation going. In order for us to heal we have to talk it through. I have suffered from anxiety and depression. It's essential to create sacred space daily and cultivate a meditation, prayer, mantra and yoga practice. But you do what's best for you. God be with us.

  22. DJ Wardy Music

    Thank you Lauv (and the others) for what you do with your platform and for your honest music, been a fan for a while, keep doing what you're doing Lauv 👍🎤

  23. Berta Garcia Lueje

    you just can't imagine how much i needed this today like, thank you SO much

  24. J. Trent Pettus

    dislikes make me sad

  25. Paulo Rey

    Hey. Just wanna share my wife's condition. My wife is currently suffering from depression, OCD, and bipolar.

  26. sophia

    we need more people like lauv 💙

  27. trashqueen sara


  28. eoe oe

    You are amazing..👍👏

  29. eoe oe

    I love you lauv

  30. Naya White

    love this. super important to talk about this. much love to you all. I needed to hear this today. I have had anxiety and Depression from 7-now(15 yrs old). This made me feel so much better.

  31. Sana H

    loved this x

  32. mhel tamayo

    I love you Lauv…

  33. Aneesh Saxena

    I wanted to like this multiple times…

  34. Justin Rodriguez

    Blue this if you love lauv😍

  35. emily

    If Lauv and Noah Cyrus ever collaborated I would lose my shit. Love both of u. Thanks for doing what u do Lauv

  36. Martha D


  37. Alexis Gigliotti

    This is why I truly love him

  38. Veerendra pal singh Rathore

    i am in depression. whaat is do?

  39. maryam ms

    So proud of you Lauv you're our idol!


    Lauv ya ❤

  41. W.E. -Weekly EDM

    I can't donate why why

  42. Swapnil singh

    You're the only artist who's so dedicated to this cause! Totally in love with you Lauv💙💙💙 you've earned more of our respect!

  43. itme m3

    Love ya💙

  44. Paige Fayy!

    What you're doing is truly inspiring ari, you really are an incredible person 💓

  45. xiaonan zhan

    1‘44'' that hi!!!! Thx for being open and sharing your struggles and difficult times with us. You are using your music to make impact and make the world a better place!!

  46. Blucas!

    I love lauv

  47. louishabit

    he is an actual angel i swear

  48. just here

    Lauv I really don't know how u do it. I am Christian and have been one for several years. Jesus has been getting me through this hard year of my life but I really believe He put u here as well to help me and others get through our hard times. I was bawling in my school's bathroom when I heard ur song 'sad forever'. The lyrics understood me more than any of my friends could. I hope one day I can tell people how I feel through art like you do as well. Your songs have changed me. Ur songs r a blessing, keep on doing God's work. (I am no trying to push my religion on anyone I am just trying to tell my story)

  49. iShanachie

    This was genuinely amazing. I'll try to work on a lot of stuff that's been holding me back. I have severe self hate issues, and I'm trying to work through them. Thank you so much Lauv, Noah, JED Foundation, Equilibrium and everybody for making this happen. Lots of love.

  50. Enemy Music

    The only thing I can say right now is thank you. Thank you Lauv. Thank you to anyone that has said anything during this conversation. Thank you

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