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  1. Haddeana

    I You should subscribe to haddeana they make great videos and do awesome challenges

  2. Jenna Lyman

    Anyone else think Megan looks at least a little like Gunner?

  3. _Random._.Edits_

    August 3, 2019
    ~I love you guys, annnnnd can u do another collab with Megan Batoon please? ❤‼💙~

  4. DustyTaco HD

    Definitely not Ferfinand

  5. CPG

    Where did you guys hear bull? It's elaphent.

  6. Steven Universe

    Bull in a china shop
    she´s gonna pop your heart

  7. Theo Avory

    I love how they just come with some random title then add "challenge" lol 👌

  8. i have no channel

    i got dizzy just watching them

  9. TSS_ Fire_

    My friend told me to dislike the vid

  10. Phantasm Dusk

    Do this with Connor, Bobby, and Mat.

  11. Hannah G

    joey was blushing so much 🥰

  12. Woody Is my daddy

    4:15 I had earbuds ;-;

  13. KDW Gaming

    Team Edge: Dos it carefully

    Me: Runs through it without a care

  14. Joey should have won u suck u cheater Bryan sry but it is true love ❤️ u Joey

  15. Perm King Of Kings

    Wow Megan

  16. vincent Graham

    Does anyone else know that myth busters busted this myth and bulls are actually very careful around dishes

  17. iClowny

    4:34 did Joey say “A sloth getting raped”?!

  18. Alexa Straite

    Wasn’t Megan’s bubble rap larger than Bryan’s

    I haven’t seen J-Fred’s yet

  19. Mr.Motion

    Guys it’s Logan Paul!

  20. pinkie2054

    Am I white or is this lowkey racist

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