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  1. Sheriff Donut

    It is only a document but usa has murdered 2 million women and children in iraq for petro dollar and oil

  2. James Stark

    China hates it when the truth is spoken.

  3. asspartacus

    It’s MY Prerogative to determine how I am gonna treat people under my rules.

  4. UighurKnight

    Xi Jinping will be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice because of these documents.

  5. Mike Hunt

    China seems to be angry in general these days.

  6. Monsieur P.

    According to Biden though China is great

  7. Alexandru Sava

    ‘Anti-terrorism efforts.’ Where have we heard that one before?

  8. John Graboski


  9. Sam Rovito

    Hong Kong should be allowed to peacefully secede from the People's Republic of China

  10. Talha Rawat


  11. B Solo NJ

    They want to keep minorities down all over the world! Especially blacks that can oriental black babies. And the black man will over take all the Kungfu schools!! And dominate the Shaolin temple!

  12. Anna chen chen Lauw

    china Win

  13. Odysseus1776

    oh yeah fuck the Chinese

  14. Dries du Preez

    I mean, they're not really proving the NYT wrong tho. You can't splutter outrage as much as you want, but howzabout some video eh? (And not that kind of stunt that was pulled in Seth Rogen's The Interview with the fake storefront)

  15. never forget

    well,, you would be wise to upgrade our armed forces with some winter cloths,, you cant trust china,, they are the nazis of our time./

  16. RobZoneFire

    1984 is a mere manual for a Totalitarian Government.

  17. Andy Man

    I’m guessing whoever released this info won’t be seeing their next birthday

  18. Jurgen Angler

    LUCIFER : fantastic, now the bbc, cnn, dw, france24 and most of the west media are under our possessed demon.
    AL DAJJAL : are you sure bro?
    LUCIFER : off course, look at the fake news that we are supporting. next target is their population has to be brainwashed for possesseing our demon too. do you have any idea?
    AL DAJJAL : yes, i know some idea. pass a bill to support all the violent using our hypnotizing technique. but still can't get the China down, maybe you have other idea..
    LUCIFER : how about we start insulting the all chinese immigrant? Maybe that can help..
    AL DAJJAL : yes that is a great idea…

    ME : praying for the GOD and praying for JESUS, please don't sound the 7th Trumpet and please don't let the Doom come.. Amen Amen Amen

  19. John Is going to make you mad

    Lmao the liberals pissing off china . Remember when the NFL folded to the Chinese ? Liberals flip flop so much

  20. Worldman

    Taiwan No.1 🇹🇼🇺🇲🇪🇺🇨🇦🇲🇽🇧🇷🇦🇺🇰🇷🇯🇵🇮🇳💪

  21. B

    If you gonna do evil, at least have the balls to own it

  22. Joakim Kanon

    At least they’re not children, right USA?

  23. fuck communist


  24. fuck communist


  25. fuck communist


  26. fuck communist


  27. fuck communist


  28. fuck communist


  29. fuck communist


  30. Just My Opinion

    They're mad because NYT hit their soft spot 🤣

  31. jtizzle275

    Lots of gullible people believing in fake news. MSM has been bought sold by politics. This is not Russian interference but American interference. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  32. Monika from DDLC


  33. Bigsb Bigsb

    Burn down the chinese government

  34. Sebastian Dreak

    You know what? When US passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to support protesters only after 5 months of protest, you guys and your governmenymts are doing nothing to Xinjiang problem except talking, while the camps were built and kept building since 2016. Why? You're afraid? I don't think so since you guys are condemning China so hard. So why not make some progress? Why don't you guys do something like Xinjiang Human Rights and Democracy Act? Did I miss something?


    What if the natives Indian in US want their land back?


    Fakes documents

  37. David monastary9

    Xi Jingping is The Filth of Humanity and i hope that he and those that follow him are executed for genocide , they are not just building camps to humiliate people , they are killing people and cutting them up for organ harvesting. They have been doing this to other religious groups like Christians and Falong Dafa for years, what they are doing to Uighers is that times ten, in terms of speed and brutality, they care nothing for human life (the ccp) and dont care about dingnity, all they want is power and more money.

  38. Farhan Zaman

    Yeah? Good.

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