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  1. Bestie

    WATCH 🎥: 8 Signs Your Body Gives You A Month Before A Heart Attack –

  2. Jason Edward walker

    My colour of my urine is good!!

  3. No Name

    I was sick last week. Peed apple juice in the morning and crapped out green stool. I'm back on track now

  4. Danny Jack Jerus

    Haha 😂 what if someone pee and it feels little pain during peeing, what is the problem? Is he /she sick?

  5. Gacha Sunset

    If My urine is clear I'm not going to flush the toilet

  6. Spencer Rees

    The thing is you piss can change colour hour by hour depending on what and how much you drink. Drinking diuretics, eg tea coffee beer will make you piss alot and dehydrate you, but if you drink these and have drank alot of water beforehand or have retained alot of water then your piss will come out light coloured, but you will still be dehydrating yourself without knowing it, then it'll start to come out dark even though you've drank alot and give you a false reading. In a perfect world we would all just drink plenty of water and our piss would be light all the time and it would be the healthy option…. But what sort of life would that be without tea, coffee, beer, soda and other drinks. Your kidneys are there for a reason, so put them to good use and let them do the job they were designed to do. There is also a case here for the liver being toxified by drinking excess alcohol but billions of us still do it…! Everything in moderation including moderation. If you're healthy and eat healthy you're body will look after you just fine.

  7. L. Patrice

    It’s recommended that we drink EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER not eight ounces!

  8. Potatomxv Gaming

    Girls on period sometimes pees out blood or red urine

  9. william sylvester

    then wat is the color of the heathy body……i think BLACK,,,,,,,LOL

  10. Manmohan Mohapatra

    Very nice video

  11. Augusta Yarteh

    Nice to know this things.

  12. JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior

    Red yellow Orange Black White Green and More!‼️💟🎨🥇

  13. John Kangas

    Green urine? I've had green 💩 but never green urine!

  14. RED

    My urine is 85% red wine

  15. Rashad Sims

    Mine is clear from drinking water or if it's dark too much soda or or beer

  16. Jasmine Nkhwa

    Happy new year bestie🎉🎊🎆🎇

  17. Dan Lewis

    …and magenta? My pee was magenta!

  18. tina alley

    only 8 oz a day? that cant be right!?

  19. Riddhiman Bandyopadhyay

    Luv from Kolkata

  20. FlyLeelee

    People out here peeing RED?????? 😳😳

  21. Ray Morales

    On the water issue, clear urine means your kidneys are totally clean, and it's a good sign. So don't listen to some of this bull sh!t that it's not good for yourbody.

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