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  1. A Sassanian

    Communist Russia turns 70 on year 1990. But it End in 1991

  2. Eusunt Dac

    Sure, I call for Unity too, against all dictators and corrupt politicians world-wide!

  3. nidaliti

    Communist ruthless dictator

  4. 狗粉五毛

    Communist and socialism must be collapse first

  5. Tome XVIII


  6. Golden Oak

    Stop persecuting Christians China!

  7. appie D

    Winny the po in red

  8. Patty Daniels

    Seen this movie before. Did not end up well..

  9. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the Smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  10. Nurul Aniza Zainudin

    Free yout Uighur…

  11. Tanner Toby

    They wish they had true military strength and power.

  12. Zaid Karp

    Long Live China, Lots of Love from Pakistan

  13. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    White people broke up these countries so their is NEVER peace.. Look at how they did the middle East

  14. Yassine St

    Oppressive regime 👈🏽

    Free uighurs

  15. Bang Bang

    At least they got over 300 million Chinese out of poverty in less than 30 years. Meanwhile Europe is busy creating poverty 👏🏼

  16. Donkey Kicks

    Happy to see China development in 70 years sets a great example of unified strength . India should follow China’s policy on industry , labour and healthcare

  17. T H

    F*** Xi Jinping

  18. Bala Chandran

    A country ruled by Military Bands not by people

  19. Devin Kim

    China will Not endure. Not without God.

  20. TheWorld Says

    Look, China can imprison their own Muslim citizens in "re-education camps" and for those who refuse conversion, literally break their bodies down into pieces for organ harvesting.

    I don't see any Chinese flags burning in the Middle East.

  21. g w

    China is Communist China. That is all you should know about China.

  22. Zaid Siddiqui

    If you guys think about it, Xi Jinping will become the most powerful man in history if he isn't already. Let's look at some facts:

    -He'll have the biggest army
    -Concentration camps against Ughurs which could spread to Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc
    -Strongest economy
    -Trillion dollar economic trade belt that will put most of the countries in debt to China within 20 years
    -Huge trade gains against USA

    It's not crazy to say that Xi Jinping and China will rule the world in 30 years

  23. Bani Saho


  24. john clark

    China is no match against we the people of the United States of America their military is nothing

  25. ninja filmz

    That parade is just a show, let's see if they are battle ready! Put these communist back in there place.

  26. David Wong

    Looks at THE pig face gangster, full of liars speech 😈😈😈😭😭😭😭😈😈😈😈

  27. Lodemé Carp

    The rise of Bully.

  28. World of Wisdom

    Say "Hi" to Africa's new Colonial Master. In the year 2100 China will own almost ALL of Africa and parts of Asia.

  29. Usman Ali

    China the upcoming super power of planet

  30. Hafeez113 Mohmd

    Every so called leader talking about unity and nationality.and wiping out the minorities

  31. mani raj rai rai

    super power china.

  32. Raja C

    Wish we are also communist like china
    70 years of democracy in India & 70 years communism in China
    Just compare
    (Although I hate Chinese for killing tigers and Elephants .That's an another story)

  33. Nasty Ameri

    Guys. If you really want to know what happened in xin Jiang you should. Don’t be fooled by American propaganda

  34. Gaza kingpin

    America sees China's growth and wants to stop it

  35. US-Zionist Bomber

    Well to Anglosaxon trolls (uk, us, can, aus, nz) who always says Chinese are lame, chinese products are sucks… Perhaps would have some try, please !!!???

  36. ugwuanyi victor

    I smell jealousy

  37. Inti A

    If you want unity you must practice equality!!

  38. Hal Asimov

    Xi calls for Honey! 🐻 And forced organ harvesting for anybody who disagrees with him.
    Power to the People of Hong Kong!


    Restore incoming calls in kashmir

  40. Jonathan Smith

    As they shoot protestors

  41. Troll Watch

    Did Pooh Bear's friends get him a big jar of honey for this occaision?

  42. Sky ark

    US watch every Chinese moves behind the scenes and his Dog bark everywhere out of fear . They r getting stronger day by day.

  43. LaTanya Vitale' Reed

    Happy Anniversary President Xi and to all of China!!!!

  44. Henry

    Warning: The comments will be soon filled with ignorant commies.

  45. Bri 033

    One day China will be a democratic country.


    Wish many south Asian countries were communist too!! Ready to give up certain freedoms if we can get better leadership & development like China, now it's just a RELIGIOUS MESS 🤙🙏🙏🙏

  47. The Philosophy Nook

    Never forget that the CCP killed thousands of defenceless Chinese in Tiananmen Square with tanks and machine guns. Today they shot a Chinese in the chest in Hong Kong. Some things never change

  48. San Zhang

    Communism, chairman Mao, freedom in Hong Kong, dictatorship, no human rights, go on….. That's how you choose to learn the world. Go on burying your head deep in the sand whilst the others are advancing.

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