The Curse of the Sad Mummy | Amumu Music Video – League of Legends

Every child in Valoran has heard this story, a story about a cursed mummy boy, and he no longer feels his heart. Unlock the parable of the sad mummy Amumu here: … Click here!Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. A Perfect Cross Promo For Any Music Learning.

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  1. Daniel Pariente Delgadillo

    F 🙁

  2. SAKE Veneneux

    Whos back for amumu in 2020

  3. d oko


  4. greg d

    Don't cry Amumu ! I am your friend and will always be !

    But not if you get reworked with 3 dashes, invisibility and massive sustain…

  5. crisnol


  6. Rexanne Grace Ana

    I can be amumu's friend

  7. Zydsonziomal


  8. Eren Jaeger

    Bobo nyo

  9. Kai Xue1412

    Going to pick up Amumu again, in top, if and mid now.

  10. Syncitfy

    Who sings this song

  11. Thiago Do Carmo

    Amumu é um yodle?

  12. 뎃글용임

    너무 찐따챔 이것같아ㅏ

  13. Resh Anims

    This is so depressing af I almost cried.

  14. Thịnh cao

    My mu Us the most anoying thing that I have ever come across

  15. Güçsüz adam

    Amumu bir yengeç burcu aynı benim gibi.

  16. CheeseBallzRBig *


    More like AmUwU

  17. jeferson guerrero

    great visual proposal, amazing video and song

  18. Leon K

    If i would wake up in lol Land isekai-style.
    Amumu would be the first one i would search for.

  19. Koperek195

    bardzo smutny filmik 🙁

  20. IamMayo

    saddest lore in the entire game

    change my mind

  21. El-MATO

    Like si crees q la musica de fondo es realajante y chanaaa!!!

  22. Xayah

    Years later im here and…
    Amumu, i really want to hug you. 😢 ❤

  23. Jerry

    Oh nyooo 🙁

  24. mert nem Nem

    nagyon jo video lett koszonjuk szepen riot games ty

  25. less drama more kdrama

    make a new champion that will be amumu's friend

  26. Navzy


  27. Simple Person

    2016: no
    2017: no
    2018: no
    2019: may be
    2020: yes,youtube must recommend this video!

  28. Axel Meza

    Cómo nadie entiende que chingue a su madre todos

  29. Douglas VAllejos

    my main

  30. Bailey Lee

    Just give him a visual rework to be an actual boy and I will be his friend

  31. ivanultron


  32. Unknown User

    The word “cry” is exist for small pp

  33. Sergent Yahya

    Kindred spotted before his release

  34. Julien Bouchard

    Amumu is my spirit animal

  35. Thiago Santos

    sadboy 20k20

  36. Emir Han

    Eskiden ne güzeldi lol:(

  37. Burak Ertaş


  38. Sythreos

    this is so depressing

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