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  1. Ed C

    Not sure why the down votes? I enjoyed watching this! 👍

  2. Eric Smith

    @Youtube You know that all of these Chinese films have English spoken versions too, right?

  3. 大脸花猫


  4. james overton


    TV by week in


  5. Propheticpoetic Love

    Love how so called scary,sci-fi,and end of world movies are now free! Lol.gotta love utube these days.thanks utube..I was being sar astic.yet you notice things about truths of evil ones controlling the world wistleblowers vids are bn taken down and if u post the truth you get death threats in your pm.lol but it's ok all the sudden to give us free movies that screw up your mind that scare you.are they trying to prep us for something? Brainwashing to get us ready for what's coming.oh I am just repeating something from a Hollywood movie .lol nothing going on here just another crazy person speaking in..*truth*😉👽😈😥

  6. Uriel Garcia

    Wtf did I just watch I felt so many emotions watching this dam good movie👍



  8. silný muž


  9. Darnelle Echols

    A bit like 'Indiana Jones' only in Chinese.
    Thanks for the upload.

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