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  1. Trent Reriti

    The sleeping dinosaur should be called lazy Deadpool

  2. Bruce Moose Dominant Gaming

    Sleepy saures

  3. noam k

    The groggy is a vanilla thing, Megalosauruses are nocturnal, but at night they're amazing, also, they can pick stuff up

  4. morgan Smith

    What is Mike and ike

  5. Noah World

    Enternal Slumber

  6. noam k

    The pickaxe is better, but the thing is, you're testing a stone pickaxe VERSUS AN IMMORTAL METAL AXE

  7. Oran Ghofrani

    I wish I could take a picture with meola but probably not cause I live in ireland

  8. Oran Ghofrani

    Ur my favorite yter i have been watching for 4 yrs

  9. hittmann Hitt

    Drowsy for the name of the new sleepy megalasarus !!

  10. Saad Chowdhury

    Eternal Sleeper

  11. Jerboastarzz

    You should name the megalosaurus Magma because it kinda looks like magma and rocks

  12. Bismark Granja

    Megolsuers are a nocturnal dinosaur so that's why he has sleep debt

  13. Haydenastic H S

    Name the megalosaurus knockout cause he’s always asleep

  14. TMarea Morris

    He stays groggy until night and when the sleep debt gets to 120 he will fall asleep

  15. AlexMaster

    Name for dino :Sleepy Red

  16. Landen Connolly

    You need to turn on auto for chat

  17. Redwna Al Mamun

    Megalosaurus is not good at day

  18. Sebastian Velasco

    You should craft a poison darts

  19. JOHN Krg

    Name him the sleepy dude

  20. Rod Payton

    Please name him carnage

  21. Dr. Killer

    Or Enny

  22. Dr. Killer

    Name him nocty since hes nocturnal

  23. Lu Xa

    Name the meglosaurus Dreamer

  24. Mathogonolo Madilola


  25. Henry Curtis

    Megalosaurus name red riot

  26. Tree Taser

    Name the megalosaurus Red Bull

  27. Christian Bishop

    Eternal sleep for the name

  28. gian utami

    flaming little rob


    Since he is an eternal dinosaur you should name him eternal sleep

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