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  1. KonigVonKrahen

    We make a special trip just for you, same low price

  2. donald oakes

    Beautiful music.

  3. Craniac 324

    I've noticed bethesta's music has downgraded after this came which i never played but i really want to

  4. Alexander Macleod

    Just plugged power into my dads old computer and found this, i had the DLCs for ages but couldnt find the game

  5. Sylvie Ne

    I just remember Feral Heart..

  6. Randy Leonard

    If the first 2 minutes doesnt make you feel human, only god will.

  7. Шедевр!

  8. Danila Abramov


  9. Weasel man

    Oh this is a classic. This brings me back, one of the best in the elder scrolls series by far. Dagger fall was nice for its time but morrowind FAR surpasses it. I even prefer it to skyrim because they didn't care about the blood and gore and the game is so unimaginably huge there are HUNDREDS of ways to play through it. Villain, mage, warrior, thief, or somewhere in between. I never got far but watching this makes we want to finish it…multiple times.

  10. justin bartelen

    @26:50 MOTHER-F*%#$ing cliff racer's…. again?!

  11. Onegai Gunmai

    The people that dislike love it so much they hate it

  12. Tist !

    It's kurwa biutifull

  13. john leigh

    The best ever music from a computer game bar none. Absolutely superb.

  14. L'univers Gaming

    La musique thème est la meilleure

  15. WarioWill

    Peaceful Waters just reminds me of making a character and being so excited for the adventure that awaits.

  16. Λus

    Wish I played Morrowind more often… Really nice game once your used to the graphics and beautiful music.

  17. Λus

    "I don't play Morrowind often, but when I do, I'm riding a cliff racer."

  18. Joshua cowlord

    I wish i could have played the Elder scroll games in order, alas, i started with skyrim and worked my way down to morrowind

  19. Anna Nas

    У меня мурашки от этой музыки, она прекрасна 😊

  20. Not Totally Unfunny

    Still listen to this soundtrack while doing medieval history readings. 

  21. Alex G

    7:50  8: 00, beautiful

  22. Sasha Sto

    u nevrer know mwhat to do

  23. Sasha Sto

    urssifns l9ve -viopli

  24. Henrik Rónai

    I can't imagine why this has 4 dislikes…

  25. johnny john

    Hello Traveler

  26. Lacaille8760

    I love the game, and not the least because of its music which creates so peaceful atmosphere, contradiction to sudden and violent action. 🙂  which also makes the game(and game series) so great.  *shuddering when listening this*

  27. mongopoju


  28. Scatha

    Sometimes, I turn this on, and then I close my eyes. Without much thinking, I'm back in Morrowind, carrying Umbra toward some ruined monument to plunder it for gold and armors. I love this game because I was so immersed in its rich world. This soundtrack helped a bit, too 🙂

  29. Robin Eerdmans

    I heard this music in a documentary the other day xD I laughed my ass off

  30. Lanky Kong

    I can't get over how extraordinarily talented Jeremy Soule is. His work adds so much to this series…

  31. игорь свободный

    морровидн это лучшая рпг всех вемен и народов

  32. Zipon

    5:00 Knight's Charge should have been Cliffracer Charge 😛

  33. Kozmo617

    Such a huge part of my childhood. Absolutely entrancing.

  34. Edward Kenway

    play this with rainy mood

  35. TheWyrim

    Just moved into a new apartment and wanted to make sure the internet worked and was fast enough but I wasn't sure how to test that – and then I though, I'll listen to morrowind music! 😀


  36. Vincent Valentine

    Best memories for me…..

  37. Sonny Anderson

    23:25 😀

  38. Sonny Anderson

    Old times T.T

  39. abuelos84

    Nerevar Rising… Fucking Nerevar Fucking Rising…

  40. kglaser11

    1:544:58 is one of the most ethereally beautiful and most majestic pieces of music I've ever heard.  When I was playing the game, and that track started up, I would pause in my tracks to hear it, knowing that if I forged ahead and ran into an enemy, the song would change.  I listened to it, every time.

  41. Iasonas Zaragas

    Lovely memories..

  42. Мобо киллер

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