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  1. wowzieee

    Hello, this is a nice set. I have been watching and learning from you. I'm beginnnig to find that when I look at certain pattern on the china i actually start to love the art work in the colouring and images on them. Is that weird? I have a question I hope you could answer. I'll post the link to the video I wanted to show you. Can you date this tea set? I've found a reprint of this pattern, so I think this is the first edition of when this pattern. I realize these are probably worthless, but the fact that someone did such a good job fixing it, I appreciate them more. I bought them at an auction without being able to touch them first. $35 Canadian, was I taken? Oh well, it went to charity and I do like it. thanks for your help. https://youtu.be/xfRRWrZrIgw

  2. bluewater20101

    Your videos are so informative and interesting. Please keep making more videos!

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