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  1. spheriod

    KALI IS very dangerous martial arts. it's main purpose is to kill the enemies immediately no exhibitions like kung fu. In my college day in the philippines we physical education is a one or mandatory but only ARNIS IS ALLOWED on our PE because the rest of KALI IS dangerous like eskrima, petik, Daga, etc.

  2. romemar Gauran

    is that dos manos? from arnis

  3. Jose Diola

    300 probably more realistic. Coz they hit and chop the hands..

  4. Supreme Verdict

    Meanwhile the warays have instant kill magic call Barang kali are no match for them 🤣

  5. Supreme Verdict

    Meanwhile the warays have instant kill magic call Barang kali are no match for them 🤣

  6. Supreme Verdict

    Meanwhile the warays have instant kill magic call Barang kali are no match for them 🤣

  7. Shewr Mercia

    Ninja assassin

  8. Joey Carter

    You forgot cyborg, choreographed by Sifu Blake's Loong.


    Wow that 300 fight scene had escrima and captain america ?$

    Thats awesome !

    So mamy modern classics her i saw in the past that had eacrima and i never knew !!

  10. Zitta

    In kali you don't need spin because it can get you killed.

  11. snowtrekker7

    The Rambo III clip is not Kali. It is the Thai art of Krabi Krabong, sister art to Muay Thai. Harold "Nature Boy" Diamond, (He was born Harold Roth), was a Muay Thai practitioner and Kickboxing champion with a record of 17-2. BTW: The guy Rambo is fighting, is Harold Diamond.

  12. PovLife

    All these Filipino martial arts and no elite artist like tony jaa! Sad!

  13. End-time Events

    Kali used a slap method. It's a kali.

  14. Keith Skaran

    Kali has other forms, like arnis, eskrima, sikaran…….

    In Arnis you sometimes use dual wielding sticks or single stick…..
    The sticks has two type, the Heavy Baton, that can break you're bones, because it gives you more power when hitting you're opponent, and Light Baton, that can wound enemies, giving you much more speed attacking.

    Eskrima is the same with Arnis, except it use bladed weapons, such as sword, axe, and knives.

    Sikaran use kicks, often use when you don't have weapon.

    My favorite is knives, giving speed and very deadly once hit.

  15. DO OR DIE

    My whole family knows Kali specially my Mom when Im not doing house chores .She uses broom stick and slippers .just imagine my dad ,grandpa,my sis . but mom is on grandmaster

  16. Mang Mags

    kali – the way of the muslim Mindanao with knives and in history as i have studied with a shield
    escrima – skirmish – the most flipping hand style of FMA best for infighting
    Arnis – the Luzon based fighting with emphasis on long sticks on both hand

  17. James Pappas

    Ahh yes 300 that famous Filipino battle at the hot gates where they saved Western Civilization.

  18. Wuks marksman

    im a filipino and kali is very deadly…it is use for survival and killing the enemy effectively…for short kali is 100% use in street fights

  19. PropagandaMinister

    The fighting arts of the Philippines is what was used against the first wave of colonizers.. it's not a modern day martial art but an an ancient one. It'd an ancient amalgamation of most of the martial arts from Asia and that's why it's very lethal. Can't even be used in ufc UNLESS it is watered down by 70%

  20. cindy mananzala martinez

    i used kali in the kitchen

  21. raku cranel

    Kali is a weapon base Martial art
    when I was a kid I used a broom to fight 😂😂
    me and my friend love to arnis back then

  22. Ian Casey

    Not all movie clips in this video are kali

  23. Gramps Fight Corner

    out of justince dan inosanto and steven sigeal

  24. Gramps Fight Corner

    big mistake book of eli wasn't by jeff imada it was by dan inosanto. washington worked with him at his academy for like 4 months to get the sequence right.for what I ehard they didn't give the chereo to dan because hes to old and that would have required the movie to bring up a whole bunch of insurance and put the film over budget. so they gave it to jeff. and jeff is inosantos student.

  25. Brown Wanderer

    There are still unknown forms of kali and eskrima in the philippines.

  26. Louis Vírtudazo

    Filipino kali is more on nife stubbing

  27. Urban Gorilla


  28. Lewis F

    Either I missed it in this video or not but the Raid and Raid 2 as well as Ong bak I think it was the 3rd one as haven't seen them for awhile is a great image of Kali both armed and unarmed, Bourne movies all unarmed and armed is mostly Kali in series. Ive done Kali for 9 years and too many people believe the knife fighting is kali only but you would be surprised there is massive amounts of unarmed work in the teachings.

  29. Melody Abrogar

    So that means kali is just used in movies if its rod or knife fights?

  30. KanDuyog118

    No offence to anyone but does america have any traditional martial arts* or the like, i mean the uk has fencing and it also uses swords, but what about america?

  31. Blue Pepper

    Kali is a nasty fucking style

  32. Pedro Pascual


  33. Trinity Limelight


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