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  1. hans mueller

    chinese in China have little to no faith in their domestic products. i as well would only buy American quality products. not being biased but America produces some of the best quality products in the world

  2. Dan D

    So, I thought they said Chinese people are oppressed and repressed, have no freedom, live like peasants 😂 Well, it doesn't like that way, does it.

  3. Xeromorph exidious

    Animals. That's even worse that black friday in walmart

  4. Mo Betta

    🤔 so "Costco" means "Popeye's Chicken Sandwich" in the Chinese language?

  5. Trump: GET OUT OF CHINA!
    Trump: GET OUT OF CHINA!

  6. TBA

    No concept of waiting in line.

  7. dave m

    Trump having a heart attack because how is he going to explain away his tariffs are working on China. They aren't!

  8. leetangfai sdlan

    Trump is so kind globally in asking US companies to leave this market for the other countries' firms …

  9. Truth Matters

    Costco should have opened it much earlier. 500 million middle class in China vs 150 million middle class in the US. Middle class with a house and a car.

  10. R P

    This is how Chinese people act everyday. The most rude, nasty, vile humans on the whole earth. It’s no wonder Mao killed 100 million of them.

  11. Net Surfer

    And Trump (a leader of a CAPITALIST society) asks American BUSINESS owners to leave the huge Chinese MARKET! Look at this – will you leave if you are the owner of Costco? Look at the crowd here as well. Who cares about the trade war when cheap prices are in front of them – "them" refer to BOTH the Chinese AND Americans. Do not overrate nationalism in both sides. Grow up and be real, Trump.

  12. lan xue

    I don’t understand why they come shopping together, don’t like

  13. Guo Shen

    说句实话 买了很多东西 到家以后 才发现 很多都是没用的

  14. Phay

    Donald Trump:Costco,you traitor to America!We are having trade war with China. Stop doing business in China!Move Costco back to our great America!

  15. NeoGeoSNK

    Oh well, trump wants to end all of these !

  16. Rikki

    Do they not know how to queue? jesus

  17. Marissa Campolet

    Hungry for americang goods!

  18. Royce Hogan

    I have to say if I lived in a different country I would always go to Costco so reliable

  19. Its Me

    Buy American!🇺🇸

  20. GoLonghorns Guo

    China's market is huuuuuuge! It's the chosen one! No foreign companies/factories can deny that.

  21. he he

    Donald: stop doing business with China.
    American companies: hell, no way!
    Donald: oh,well. I have 2nd thought on everything.

  22. Shel Chicago


  23. Yhommi A

    Soon Costco will realize it’s return policy won’t work in China 😂

  24. Ruben Scott

    Ironic ppl are always talking shit on America but everyone want to live like Americans sheep is what they call Americans sheep is what everyone is

  25. infinity and beyond

    this is fake news, China is in recession like POTUS trump said😂😂😂😂😂😂

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