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  1. aryan sharma


  2. Londinium Armoury

    The tonfa was the handle of the Okinawan grinding wheel originally. But on a serious note you forgot to mention the Kamayamaya wave.

  3. Flavvs Da Silver

    2:05 . . . so what you're saying, Master Ken, it's that the game Fruit Ninja is actually historically accurate in its depiction of food perpetuation in the early days of war?

  4. cesar febres

    I’ve got to say the student has an indestructible body

  5. Mr. Coffee

    The 5th one was actually legit advice XD

  6. Doug Shaw

    Numb Chuck not available for comment. Same goes for Tawn Fa. I like Beau, best. The Thunderkick '70's by Run Run Shaw. Pick up on it 😇

  7. Super MatBG

    I learned alot

  8. jojo olegario

    2:44 the killer ninja did it to me

  9. jojo olegario

    1:14 like your pun I should do it to a bad guy with nunchucks

  10. Jack's Film Orchard

    Thoughts on double team moves?

  11. -246800753124688413679633 -

    Is the katana prop used a Musashi brand sword?

  12. Cesar Fernandez

    👮=🐺🐔🐯🐢👮😎=Agape=Clean Love

  13. Cesar Fernandez

    Whitebeltbags.com 🐯🐢

  14. oldie Mcclintock

    These guys are idiots

  15. Prahash Mangrati

    Throw this man in the dustbin l will cry 😭😭😭

  16. gaming saksham lal

    B U T T E R B R O T H E R

  17. Joydeep Banerjee

    Ha ha ha ha

  18. Uglychamploo


  19. kiddhkane

    You might laugh at the nunchaku used against rice part – but there is some truth to it, the farmers used a similar equipment to get the seeds out of their plants…

  20. kiddhkane

    This is true comedy – something that actually says truth, even if it's bitter. (like the punchline of nr1). But it makes it funny, so the truth is bearable.

  21. crusher194

    2:35 watch with eyes closed

  22. Live your way EVERYTHING by Cap

    Japanese sword is KATANA

  23. Nami Chobing


  24. Ryley Wellby

    Good video

  25. rickyboy613

    This dude is a dink…

    Black belt bags dot com??? Who the fuck would even want such a ridiculous thing…

  26. Derrick kagema

    hilarious….Do you fight that funny as well?

  27. Mathew Kane

    The is katana you fake

  28. moonspire

    "The last and deadliest weapon of all…is you" <Swells with pride, nods firmly, maybe sheds one manly tear>

  29. Kool Kustomer

    God knows how many egg rolls! LOL

  30. legionario italiano

    the best weapon, it's you

  31. Swordking Master00

    You guys suck, im swordkingmaster00@gmail.com!

  32. racoon killer 7

    😂your not surtafied are u?😁


    Oh shit waisted 5 minutes and 27 seconds of bullshit

  34. BJ19 ws

    Would have loved seeing you use some of the more elaborate Chinese weapons like the 3 section staff and tiger hook swords! Could you make a video on them, their origins and their use in self defence?! 😂😂😂

  35. Jack Andy

    3:39 XD

  36. KTML Films

    Constipated yams

  37. David Seville

    I practiced Kung Fu and my favorite weapon is Nunchucku, Tonfa, Dagger.

  38. Brian Plotner

    I thought #1 would be the thrust of freedom.

  39. jhon bell


  40. Abtron sh

    Back in ACTION Japan.

  41. elo_ elo56

    I want sword lel

  42. thegamingreaper 114

    Hahahahahaha stick the no staff into a constipated yaks anus that got me good

  43. KoTiTreba

    After years i still dont know if im supposed to take him seriously

  44. jmscoper

    Lol none of them were meant to be used for battle xd

  45. zak loxray

    let's be a little realistic here. the most dangerous weapons is going to be once that can be hidden that you can easily obtain like a gun or a knife. you won't see people walking around with swords or nunchucks.

  46. ehrichweiss

    LOL. I honestly don't know what causes so many people to love the tonfa. Apparently none of those people have ever experienced how easy it is to disarm someone using them.

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