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  1. Isibor

    If I see made in China I don’t buy I only buy assembled in China

  2. Aka U ToTo7

    This world is in such a mess part of it is to blame all this useless talk shows media rubbish big mouth time wasting suckers make a living on worthless noice pollution for the society. Media is or are a lot of time a harmful viruses.

  3. mizzypoo

    People would buy the BEST, if they can afford it, people are not honest, Saying they WOULD never buy from CHINA, but don't realize that they can't never use things NOT made from China., every DESIGNERS boutique & DESIGNERS across the world…sources their zips, beads, fake gems stones, laces, textiles, cotton threads, matching shoes & bags. (it all about the Profit margin)
    EVERY WEDDING DRESS has components has parts from CHINA,

  4. abenz pp

    everything on me made in china, include my bloody blood

  5. HS Z

    1. Really sick of the idea that if Chinese people does not agree with U.S., they must be brainwashed by its government. Personally, I think western MSM did that better than its counter part;
    2. Not sure what's the topic before this clip, but the company "BAIDU" showed in the background screen is a Chinese company.

  6. Iam Nobody

    Money talks and BS walks, average people want affordable living, not rhetorics.

  7. Pat

    "It shows on Amazon package". You can still return, gal.

  8. Youtuve Youtuve

    Made in china, as long as it is american company its ok, but if its chinese product or knock off its a different story

  9. agus w

    Apple ???

  10. dusty fireworks

    Go to h&m read some labels

  11. mr Olsen

    Just lower the wages in the US for workers to the same as in China (200$) a month so buisness can compete…

  12. bin xu

    There are many nice products in the world, me I don’t care where it from, I will not buy anything for the only reason that it’s made in local


    I don’t see the big deal if it’s made in China.. China makes great products. America loves to points out negative about other country but there own..

  14. Warren Morris

    Dictate the people??na its called a society unit as one and one who loves their country.

  15. You Tube

    fake news

  16. Ed L

    People have to remember that the CEO'S of large corporations are the ones that sent jobs overseas. Remember that #45 has his suits, ties and other items made there also. Petition these companies to bring manufacturing back to America and give the next generation a chance for employment. Also bring back call center jobs, how can it be safe to have countries like India to have access to everyone's private info, very dangerous IMO. All to cut costs and squeeze the most profits for Wall Street. Google the disparity of salaries between the CEO's and their average employees, in some cases it's a startling 30 times or more. That's just pure greed. Any country is willing to accept work any money opportunities from any outside country. So stop blaming other countries when the root of the problem is right in our own backyards. Look within.

  17. Nicky Chuaybamrung

    American and world are bully
    Can't trust china at all , they sell your product and factory . Chinese govt spying every counry from they lie
    China will put American in the book of revenge for decade so if you started you need to ended , warning!!

  18. ?,?,

    Americans need to shut up and take it up the

    Your the garbage of earth

  19. Mike 72


  20. WindFondue

    Ask the same questions about iPhones and see what people say. The original question lacks an unbiased option of ‘more likely’ also.

  21. hoonsiew yeo

    1) well, the presentation reveals "dubious" attitudes towards "made in CHINA" tags.
    2) what Americans can't produce, CHINA produce – several reasons – COSTS – RAW MATERIALS – MANPOWER.
    3) Hard for "anti-CHINA" sentiments to acknowledge the economic rise of CHINA – due to stagnant mentality that AMERICA is always number one in all worldly affairs not CHINA – this is despicable countenance.
    4) how CERTAIN Americans react to the rise of CHINA by their aura of envy, jealousy, hate, anger, bitterness, restlessness – one poisoning pill hard to swallow and expressed in high tariffs, sanctions, "blackmailed deals", "bans" tactics of destruction – towards not only to CHINA but other countries as well.
    This is M A G A =
    (revised edition)
    5) Americans should ask honestly – Is America economic prowess collapsing in the midst of rising countries – not forgetting its CLOSEST trading neighbor – MEXICO!!

  22. Born in new China Grown under red flag

    I love Harley motorbike. I see my Harley part of my body. China won't make Harley.


    800 people were asked…

  24. Chan Seng Wong


  25. Robert Sim

    Rest assured, henceforth the “Make in China” products would be of very high quality and available at much cheaper price than those branded ones! With their own brand and heavy advertising n promotion, how the general public going to resist?

  26. Amy Ding

    Did they just say the Chinese government dictates how people feel? Surely this Anti-US sentiment can not possibly be natural, Chinese people’s feelings must have been controlled by the government…
    Knock knock, growing anti-US sentiment is a global phenomenon now.

  27. rocky roc

    The world should embrace China especially US. Many of us would not have been able to buy modern equipments, TVs and electronic gadgets if China has not manufactured and sell in low cost.

  28. Hamidi Jafri

    USA 350 million
    China 1000+ million.
    You be the judge…

  29. 몽둥이fjjd

    Five percent of Americans steal 40 percent of the world's resources, but they are still unsatisfied. Americans are greedy, lazy and selfish. They want people in other countries to live forever in the Stone Age.

  30. nayanmalig

    LOL Trump's election material were made in China – so there

  31. Andrew Lankford

    I feel like I'm in a Walmart!

  32. Akin Khoo

    "they can dictate to people more" no that is not the reason for why chinese public is more mobilize, it has to do with May Fourth Movement that happened doing ROC era, the chinese public honestly believe they are not treated equally by western countries. since then, chinese around the world has been aggressive at boycotting countries which they see as abusive of them. the communist is the result not the cause of all this. the reason the communist won the civil war is because the public were upset that US was willing to writeoff war debt for european country but expect china to pay the full price of the lent lease in gold which led to hyperinflation in china after the war, people could not even afford a loaf of bread a week! that is why the chinese turn on the capitalist. if the US do not understand chinese history, US will continue to misread China. the communist party doesn't want a trade war, but the people will never allow the government to allow chinese people to be bullied and abuse and call names. in fact the name calling is the last straw. how would you like it if you are call thief by other countries when you hardwork all your life and harder than anyone else? can you not understand human emotions?

  33. david loh chee choong

    american company n brand r still in top position is because of the chinese around the world

  34. DaClatso

    Xiaomi Phone made in China 300 USD
    iPhone assembled in China 1000 USD..

  35. Vie

    And US has thousands of bases with missiles directly pointed st China.

  36. Ezekiel Yam

    In the beginning God made the heavens and earth… the rest are made in China

  37. TobyRecorded

    To stop globalization is the same as saying “I am not going out shopping any more. I am going to make EVERYTHING myself at home!” No one does that!

  38. TobyRecorded

    China control how people feel better than you can? Sorry mate. We are smart people. Our average IQ is way higher than Americans. That is a fact. Chinese know that our gov is trying their best to bring prosperity. That’s why we support them. They may not be perfect (corruption still happens just like anywhere else, there is inequality in wealth just like anywhere else). But US media (genera public)’s perception of China is so out dated. Go to China to learn how it is done there. Before you make comments. Be professional.

  39. TobyRecorded

    I am Chinese and command excellent English. Honestly I find US media more brainwashing than any Chinese media.

  40. Expendable4 H00

    Bottom line. The USA has sold out to let billionaires use the Chinese. While there is a mutual benefit between the poor Chinese and rich Americans. There has been ZERO benefit for the American people. We don’t want cheap Chinese products. An iPhone you buy for $600 and have no choice but to upgrade the every 2 years. The American consumer is getting screwed. To all my China men and woman, it’s not personal. That Nationalistic feeling you have right now, is how we feel. All these rich neoliberals using the Chinese poor to make millions is going to stop. We don’t want trouble but if you make that move on us, it will be your last. Let’s stay friends not enemies. Don’t let the globalist control the truth.

  41. Daniel Martin

    Made in China means absolute junk. Everything I buy from here is either defective right out of the box or it breaks within 30 days. things like wheel bearings and GFI outlets are out right dangerous.
    do your self a big favor and buy form a different country. Even made in Taiwan is twice the quality of made in china

  42. tommy wong

    Americans are stupid. Funding their enemy to defeat themselves over like what 50cents lol. Vietnamese or Malaysian goods are just as good

  43. dodge driver

    this brought to u by China information ministry

  44. Kevin H

    More faulty polling. Made in china = junk, low quality and toxic.

  45. Former El Chupacabra

    Most of overpriced and overrated American brands made in China, India, Bangladesh, no doubt.

  46. D Marion

    Made in China means you can buy three of them. Many products are made to order by client.

  47. EasyYog11

    If it says "Made in China", put it down.

  48. Mary Magdalene

    I hate to buy products from other countries, it is time we support the USA. WE use to make the best products. Lets do it again.

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