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  1. Alfred Newman

    There was this guy I used to watch on YouTube named Dr. John Bergman that used to say: you don't get a cold, you earn it. And why you are done in Tijuana, drop by the late Charlotte Gerson's place and let them set you up with some of that wonderful organic food she promoted.

  2. Realist 1801

    The doctor of the future is here.

  3. De brandstof van je lichaam

    Your definitly have to find my website! Without you I couldn't do this

  4. Richard Gentilella

    I live in Imperial Beach CA. 5 miles from TJ. So grateful you will be there!

  5. B B Capryllian

    Sorry….but I'm still anti Communist….and I'm from Alabama. Goodbye stud.

  6. De brandstof van je lichaam

    Like your energy, like some music? Maybe not

  7. Dena Churchill

    Thank you for all you do Dr. John. Thank you for sharing my story. Yes it is true that I've had surrender my license and buy the opportunity to speak truth.

  8. Paul Johnson

    I truly believe that at this point, blood letting and leaches would be a vast improvement over our current medical system.

  9. Melissa Davis

    Would love to come see you , where to begin..may I suggest you do tours to come help people.. Thank you!

  10. maria nichols


  11. Willemijn Bando

    Dr Bergman, what event are you speaking at in London in November? I'd love to attend!

  12. Kay Grindell Scarlett

    It was an eye opener seeing film of the Apollo moon landing launch for the 50th anniversary, thousands of people gathered, and they were all THIN !! Not something you see now a days, it's obvious something has gone radically wrong with the American diet since then, there was no cancer or diabetes those days either, the whole thing is criminal, it was also nice to see how everyone was nicely dressed, men all with ties, the women all in dresses , oh the good old days

  13. Sandra Ortega

    I change all of my eating habits and i stop taking most of my medication because of you. You tell truth, I'm doing better because of listening in you
    Sandra, 70 year old.

  14. Leslie Jacobs

    What are we going to do when they force adult vaccines?…this is our war..
    I stopped being a Travel .rN and hospital nurse due to these mandates.

  15. gardenia 3021

    Love you Doc, let's change this smelly pharmaceutical world

  16. ashdavenport23

    Excellent information many thanks to Dr John Bergman it a pleasure to watch your video's

  17. lmwrt

    Oh, I do like to think for myself. I know, I'm a threat to the system, but I don't mind. Awesome video, as usual.

  18. E D Fernandez


  19. Bel Dalzielle

    Great job Dr. Bergman💕👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. Cody Kizer

    Any experience with Type 1 diabetes miracles?

  21. Underworld


  22. Underworld

    I miss the bookstore

  23. Wesley Davis

    John thank you so very much my friend for your continued information on these topics.You encourage and inspire people everywhere with this forum,And my prayer is this will someday soon find its way into the hearts and minds of the primary care physicians protocol. Great video doc"I don't believe in luck,Butt I wish you nothing but the best of all good things with your new practice in "Mexico,God Bless You.

  24. Eve Moore

    What is the cost in Mexico? Can someone on fixed income and on Medicare afford the treatments needed? My friend has Parkinsons and does go to a chiropractor and tries to do natural medicine.

  25. Fred Smith

    44:56 Yes there is one called Nerd Immunity …. Where it's all those crazy people that eat right and take vitamins …. LOL

  26. G F White

    In one of her videos, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, (neffrologist), said the hospital gave vaccinations to her patients she admitted to test their kidneys.  She asked why and was told unless they give the vaccinations, the CDC will not approve the insurance company pay the bill.  The patient is not asked or told and would not know the reason if they developed a heavy metal problem.  .

  27. Ron Lee

    Can you please discuss TMJ disorders


    062 Music Declared War on America – and Won

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