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  1. Daniel Bowman

    China the Great Dragon well you just can't have it all and your take over of the world plan is more like snake than Dragon

  2. Duane Alexander

    "National security reasons" = we don't like you/competition. More tarrifs. Sick of these lying, xenophobic western bullies. Alcoholic Nazis, boycott these c***s! Every1 hates them. Every 1


    CNBC reported that China called America twice to have a trade deal.
    CGTN, PLS CONFIRM. Must be fake news. China will not stoop so low to let trump humiliate them.

  4. Denzo D

    Pres. Trump should not postpone the scheduled tariffs on Chinese goods while they are talking, as this is only a ploy by china to delay any mutually beneficial trade deal.  Make note that China, under the CCP, cannot be trusted.  They formerly agreed to the terms of the initial trade negotiations with the US only to renege on that agreement in the end.  They also promised NOT to militarize their illegally reclaimed artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago (in the South China Sea), but had already installed surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles on those structures.  They agreed with the UK to maintain the current system of government and laws in Hong Kong until 2047, but they have slowly curtailed some of the people's rights and liberties, resulting in the continuous protest rallies of the people against the communist regime's initiatives.  There is an old saying that goes:  "You fooled me once, shame on you.  You fooled me twice, shame on me."

  5. Benedict Dela Cruz

    I hope the world knows what we are united about.

  6. Ultimate Warrior

    Free Hong Kong

  7. Times of BE 🔘

    Lessons in global trade – all bets, deals, contracts are off if the accounts don't work in a positive for west and US in the end. CHECK! Masks are off. China should stick it out for 1 year to let it play out naturally. China has grown 10% all these years and 2 years of 5-6% growth is inconsequential.

  8. brocabe

    BEWARE!!! It’s illegal for Chinese citizens to use YouTube. So if you read a poorly written, hardcore pro China comment, your likely reading a comment paid for directly by the Chinese Communist Party.

    I’m writing this because it’s seems like for every video I watch on China the comment section is absolutely littered with over the top pro CCP comments. All on a website that is banned and illegal for the everyday Chinese person to access. Please like and spread a similar message to this to other YouTube videos on China. If China wants to defend itself on YouTube then it should give its people access to YouTube so they can tell us their real opinion on these things, instead of all this damn disguised propaganda straight from the CCP.

  9. Ago go

    China will have to find somewhere else to sell their stuff. trump wants to ban chinese imports.


    China will lose the trade war and China would be destroyed in a Military war against the USA.

  11. Little Moutha

    Us business groups associations not so thrill with trump decissions.

  12. adviser to the Gods

    The Chinese people continue to suffer during China's recession because cowardly Xi is too frightened and terrified of Trump to sit down and work out a trade deal. Perhaps Xi could wear a diaper during negotiations. That way if he wets himself Trump might not notice.

  13. T H

    Look how the treated the UIGHUR and TIBETAN people in the name of money they will do anything, they only worship money and power.

  14. T H

    CHETING and STEALING is what the Chinese Government does best. They want to be super power no one will respect them.

  15. Charles Wilson

    Only idiots start a trade war.U cannot talk to an idiot.

  16. Dragos Panescu

    Capitalism& private entrepreneurial initiative are dead in US! Why!? M. Trump said he will stop any US company to to business with China!!! Can you believe it!? What economic model is still functional in US!? I recognize that military& industrial complex is replacing anything else ….

  17. Dorothy Li

    Trump is like anyway I’m rich enough to buy Greenland. 🤷‍♂️

  18. Z ESDS

    "… the prolonging of trade deficits cause trade war… regardless whomever is trying to take advantages of the situations… it would be an unsustainable… condition!"
    The main issue with China is the incomparable of the economical and political governmental systems… if China decided not to charge towards the free enterprise world economy systems then we shall never see any peace and prosperity though out this region of the free enterprise world economy region…!
    China also was misreading of the US elections therefore not ready for the DJT's presidency and keeps on making the wrong choices…
    It's time for US to push China back into its own original borders lines and relinquishing all of its occupied territories…
    (click here to see the 'real China as those little nations in the central region of…' as per WSU website…. and stop beating the bushes…)
    Just a friendly reminder…

  19. Mr. BlueSky

    China Propaganda Channel.

  20. Jason Chua

    It is a new lesson for China and those who are experienced and oppressed, it is better to be self-sufficient than to rely too much on others. China should use the trade war period to study the world demands and how some countries make it into the premium markets, for a start China should brand their infrastructure capability products, and follow with consumerism branding to make itself an export house of reliability. Stop wasting time arguing who is right and who is fair, save and rebuilt – it will be a better future. Next, offer Chinese Citizenship, living benefits to capable Western with Patents donated to China at the Ghost City.
    As for HongKong and Taiwan offer dual citizenship to those who support China.

  21. Grace Collins

    The whole world is chafing under the chinese yoke.

  22. Lena Liu

    Move the companies to India, 1.3 billion people live in India and many live below the poverty line. If the products more expensive, buy less, less production means less destruction and more for the pristine planet. Our earth needs a reprieve.

  23. Henry

    To show how dumb Trump, Navarro, Lighthizer, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence are to threaten China on Trade, just watch the this by the most capitalist channel in the US. US companies in China generate sales as huge as the so called "trade deficit", and I suspect this still is underestimated as it does not include service trade, which is hugely in favor of the US.

  24. tntntntntntntntntn ntntntntntntntntnt


  25. Kris Ho

    Trump drained the swamp. He found Bolton, Pompeo and himself.

  26. Tom Xavier

    Stop supporting a corrupt Communist Chinese government who executes and harvests human organs for sale. Damn the communists to hell.

  27. PMLN kuty hai PPP kuty hai

    Chinese want to sell there product in every country but they don’t want others to sell there goods to them which is unfair so trump is doing the right job

  28. Tom Xavier

    Communist China is hungry for more human organs to scavenge from executed prisoners. HK , TAIWAN other people are right about communist China. They are a corrupt nation run by communist gangsters and criminals.

  29. MyChinaMan 1950

    Sanctions and Tariffs only work against economically weaker nations. China wants to improve the World's economy but the USA is just looking after itself, Trump's "America First" policy.

  30. Bee be Cee

    China should raise their prices immediately by 30% as an interim export tax on all Chinese goods destined for the US to cover the costs of the trade war.
    Merry Christmas.

  31. Jim Lee

    Biased anti-china point of view. Time for you to leave China as you are not as objective as before.What has happened to you? Like the kids in HongKong
    guess you have become mericanized.

  32. sar50anga Waheed

    trade issues can not be resolved. Long ago Kissinger/Nixon team decided to put all their chips on China to break up the Soviet Union….Today China is calling the US bluff from a far stronger hand the very strength that the US allowed China to become stronger….chicks are coming home to roost…Shipping all manufacturing from US to China was the most idiotic thing US Leaders could have done….from simple techs like phones and tv and wires to autos to plastics fiber-optics to computers etc etc…..almost everything the USA had in its grasp and gave it away to China. Now the Chinese are spinning the loom and US jobs are gone leaving massive and unskilled unemployable USA population.For pennies a day cheap Chinese labor US leaders folded and allowed US Corporations to take everything and get established in China. Then it was Rock n Roll time baby not hard work… Ignoring the fact that "cheap labor" existed within the USA. Now only through War can something be resolved or maybe not even.

  33. Robert Mr

    Chinese communist is bullying its neighbours, it will do the same with the other countries if it grows more.

  34. Mr. Louis

    The King of Trumptards is a embarrassment to America.

  35. Scooby Skullx

    America cant militarily attack China, it needs to borrow money from China to go to war!

    US still owe China for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 😭🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🇺🇸

  36. Michal Matas

    Thank to the moron D.Trump. Ignoramus is holding the steering wheel.

  37. Wally Wally

    COMMUNISM drives companies out of China, people had enough of COMMUNISM creating unstable economies, bye bye China AMERICA has STOPPED you breastfeeding from them .

  38. Pardeep Tandon

    When is USA opening its labour market ?

  39. snakecharmer2011

    BUT, BUT… HE'S THE CHOSEN ONE!!!! 🇺🇸😁😂🤣😭

  40. Kermit

    The clients lose, jobs are lost in the two countries… Nobody wins!

  41. Diaz Miller

    The rising Star of visionary’s China🇨🇳

  42. angelou2812

    Trump the swamp creature par excellence is now showing his true colours and they cry out "mafia way" apart from the fact that he is of course "not all there"

  43. Jonn Mero

    When it dawn upon US Americans what their moronic president is doing, they hopefully will string him and his government up in the Trumpf towers, or in nearest lamp posts! And Europe has to wake up as well,or we will be dragged down into the abyss with USA and UK. Canada is also in a precarious situation unless they find the courage to follow China rather than their loopy neighbour to the south.

  44. Randy Dank

    Your a joke only tellin half the story. China good u.s. bad

  45. Normandie Viking

    Your behaviour brought this trade war on , and you know it. Your greedy leaders started the economic warfare on the West. And they had help from The City of London bankers (((Rothschild))) Did you guys know that the ‘City of London Economic Zone’ is a separate entity with its own rules ?

  46. Sam Ann

    Next Europe 😱

  47. joseph suazo

    No one can defeat the " chosen one ", i wonder whats next American people can tolerate. Tax on the air that they breath or US President claiming to be the Messiah in league with Kanye.

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