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  1. Monica Jean

    I'm so happy that song was referenced XD

  2. john mahinay

    when you eat human flesh,you become stronger than others??? it dats true??

  3. y33tboy

    Science insider says something else

  4. Scandinavian Gamer

    a reasonable video BUUUUUUUUT….
    it´s just inhumane to do

  5. BuggyHLS

    Sadly its also illegal but its whatever I guess!

  6. Ainz Ooal Gown

    But we're do I get human meat legally

  7. Jessey Ellis

    2 cannibals were eating Amy Schumer, one asked "does this taste funny to you?

    The other replied "nope"

  8. Blood Angel

    Ah the joy of being at the top of the food chain. You can even eat your own species

  9. K Clark

    You idiots know that you can survive and actually be HEALTHIER by drinking your own urine and not eating anything right? We drank urine for 9 months in the womb, it literally formed us. It cures every disease known to man.

    But oh yeah the mainstream media doesn’t tell you that so it must automatically be false

  10. K Clark

    This video actually has far more likes than dislikes. My faith in humanity has plummeted to rock bottom..

  11. Pizza Coke

    Wait wait, MICE EAT THEIR BABIES?!

  12. connor horst

    Look. If someone died of natural causes and we can't use his organs for surgery and they didn't have any diseases I dont see what's wrong with using their body for food.

  13. AWSUM Ai - Info Stores

    This guy is obviously a satanist

  14. Overton Hallford


  15. Archaeoptery X

    If veganism ever become mandatory we might see a resurgence of cannibalism

  16. Jc Arroyo

    Reminds me of the green inferno movie

  17. Andrey K

    Whoa, i did not expect to see a Bloodhound gang quote in Sci-show

  18. Med Mahdi Jendoubi

    I already eat ass

  19. creepy whiteTrash

    Are you Jewish?

  20. wiLLiam


  21. wiLLiam


  22. wiLLiam


  23. Gabriel Augusto


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