The health effect of acupuncture

Moxibustion can clear the meridians, reconcile the camp, replenish the qi and blood, reconcile the yin and yang, coordinate the organs, and thus achieve the purpose of prevention, strengthening, anti-aging and treatment.

(1) Wentong meridian blood

“Lingshu? This Tibetan article” said: “The meridians, so the blood, the yin and yang, the bones and muscles, and the joints are also.” The blood and blood circulation is popular, can operate the whole body, support the body, and moxibustion Its warmth can warm the meridians and promote blood circulation. Just as “The Plains of the Spurs and the True Evil Theory” said: “The blood in the veins, condensed and stayed, the fire of Fu, the Buddha can take it.” The operation of qi and blood has the characteristics of being met with temperature and condensing when encountering cold. Moxibustion uses blood to pass through the veins.

(2) Strengthening vitality and preventing diseases

The moxibustion method has the function of strengthening the Yuanyang and preventing diseases. The “Bian Shu Xin Shu” says: “The true element of the lady is the master of one body. If the person is strong, then the person is strong, the true qi is the person who is sick, and the person who is really angry is dead. The method of life-saving, the first moxibustion.” Ai is the medicine of Xin Wen Mo, with the help of fire, the two yang can get the yang, the yuan is sufficient, the human body is strong, “the righteousness, the evil can not “Dry”, it is known that moxibustion has the effect of strengthening the vitality and preventing diseases.

(3) spleen and stomach, and cultivate the day after

Moxibustion has a strong and strong effect on the spleen and stomach. “Acupuncture and Moxibustion” is in the cloud: “Where the diet is not thinking, the heart is swollen, the complexion is sallow, the world is called the spleen and kidney disease, and the moxibustion should be used.” Warming up the spleen and yang, supplementing the vital energy. Regular moxibustion Zusanli not only can make the digestive system function vigorously, increase the body’s absorption of nutrients, and support the whole body, but also achieve the effects of preventing disease and treating diseases, anti-aging and prolonging life.

(4) Lifting yang, dense skin table

“Su Wen? Meridian” cloud: “There is a moxibustion.” When the qi is deflated and the sun is sag, the fur is not allowed to be cold, and the Qingyang is not allowed to lift. Therefore, Weiyang is not solid and it is unreasonable. Often applied moxibustion, can lift yang, dense muscle table, resist evil spirits, reconcile the camp, play a role in fitness, disease prevention and treatment.
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