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  1. Karin de Graaf

    Thank you Ivor for this link, and for all your work: it is a real help!! Now I have a request for you. I would like to share this link with people who are not already completely informed and convinced of LCHF instead of passing it on to the already "converted". But I expect your title "killing for profit" will put many people off from opening the link and actually listening. Many people will immediately categorize the title as being yet another "conspiracy scare mongering" video. Would you consider to alter the title to one that sounds more "professional/balanced/scientific"? Sorry I don't have a good suggestion for an alternative title. Keep up the good work ! 🙂

  2. Megan F

    Big Pharma doesn't heal people, it put's you on meds as long as they can until you need more and more, then you die. They don't say eat healthy, get up and walk and take charge of your own health. "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" Hippocrotes. They have known for that long!

  3. Whitey J

    An AMAZINGLY…..BLINDINGLY BRILLIANT seminar!!!! Bravo!!!! I am going to be sharing this at nauseum!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

  4. Barbara Cederberg

    It is so obvious that this was purposely ignored when they removed the word "sugar" from diabetes. It was always called "sugar diabetes" in my day… Also, they say we are living longer today…not really true…the average of our ages has increased – this is primarily due to things like antibiotics as people used to die often from infection.

  5. Christopher Kuebler

    Went to Doctor in July 2018: Weight 246, Total Chol 265, LDL 185, HDL 45, very low LDL 40, HDL/LDL ratio above 4.0, TriGlyc 167, Sugar 98.

    Doctor wanted to put me on statins. Because its easy and takes no effort to study the issue of nutrition and metabolic syndrome. I said NO. Its poison. Told him I was going on a HIGH healthy FAT KETO diet coupled with Intermittant Fasting after researching the issue of insulin resistance, metabolism, autophagy, etc., from Dr. Lustig, Dr. Berg, Butter Bob, Dr. Fung, etc.

    Went back to Doctor in January 2019 to see results of new diet and restricted eating time frame. Weight 210, total Chol 220, LDL 140, Very Low LDL 17, HDL 65, LDL/HDL ratio 3.6, TriGlyc 70, Sugar 78. Pretty good numbers.

    Just because LDL was still over 100 and despite drop of 40 on total Chol, he still wanted to put me on a statin. Dropped 40 pounds, my HDL is higher than excellent at 60, my LDL/HDL ratio is 3.6 [even AHA says 3.5 is optimal], my Very Low LDL is excellent and half of what is considered optimal, and that's the dangerous stuff.

    I told him point blank to FKOFF. How much is his kickback for prescribing this crap. Why would I take a 100% risk on terrible statin side effects for a supposed 1% increase in risk of a cardiovascular event.

    Staying on Modified KETO with IF. Down to 200 lb, HDL 63, total chol is 195…. do the math…

  6. na' ah mean?

    everything hidden is being revealed …..

  7. D

    Should someone with familial hypercholesterolemia take a statin? I'm fit and healthy in my 20s except I have genetically high cholesterol. I'm on 40mg of Crestor, the highest dose of the strongest statin afaik and my cholesterol levels are still well above recommended levels. Untreated my total is around 400 and with the statin it's around 250.

  8. Larry Hyde

    Great news! The world, for decades crippled by the marketing propaganda of main stream medicine and its ennumerable accomplices, is starting to wake up. Be very wary about following the advice of your doctor and do your homework. You, and only you, are the CEO of your health. Your doctor is only advisor.

  9. Scott Bryant

    great great great video keep them coming

  10. Dale Val

    Been 0 sugar 0 grain. Since Jan2 /19.today April 1, / 19. Good results mood happy again, lost stress and weight, libido up, sleep great. Sugar and GMO is poison. I'm sure enough now, and all meds bye bye. I'm 60 feeling 50 again not 70,

  11. Dale Val

    Give me any illness, I will fix it, with diet herbs and suppliments. AND 0 BIG PHARMA DRUGS AND 0 TRASH BIG FOOD PACKAGES.ive helped over 300 people. And spent far more time studying than
    most MDs. Friends The cure is in the forest, the ocean the garden and your cupboard. And a helping hand with alternative therapists

  12. Vegan Community forming in the Ozarks

    Thank you for your courage. thank you for standing up for the Truth!

  13. Mca5517d Mca5517d

    How can you talk for two hours and not say anything? Clearly these are experts in Mind Dribble. No wonder Italy is leaving the EU. Can you imagine any Italian forced to listen to 2 hours of this spooge! He would go insane!

  14. Heather Luna

    Let food be thy medicine. Have your babies at home.
    And dont vaccinate them. Let well enough alone. Bring back natural measles, not vaccine induced measles. All these diseases are man made. James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.

  15. Aleece White

    In america we now use the Value-based-service model rather than fee- for-service. In true essence nothing has changed, patients are a product of misinformed providers design. Healthcare is about maintenance and no longer about healing. Ironic how the 1st for letters of Healthcare spell the word (Heal). One big lie, that should called Maintenance Medicine. Maintaining ones pocketbook and making the healthy ,sick, and the sick,worse.

  16. Randy Lin

    3 words. Dr Stephen Gundry

  17. Laila Cohen

    I wonder if the TTIP was a premeditated opportunity for corporations to sue any government who put laws in place to sue the public purse if their profits were hampered by new legislation? please can someone tell me if that clause in the transatlantic trade agreement was actually ratified?

  18. Linzi Chance

    As specified here healthy food intake and cutting out excess in sugar etc is key to good health, clearly the drugs industry is totally abusing their position for monetary gain and not everyone is willing to turn a blind eye to it THANK YOU

  19. Linzi Chance

    It' nice to see humans looking after humans, the most powerful cure of all is truth and care! I avoid taking any kind of drug and am a very healthy young looking 53 year old!

  20. Mehrunnisa Khan

    Thank you. A body, A Soul & the Universe. Almighty Allah, thy Creator says, eat the good food, first, thank him ( Gratitude ) & respect the Universe as without which our existence on this Earth would be impossible.,eg; water, air food,etc.We as human beings are digging our own graves, as simple as that. We are accountable for our own health , Ameen. Mehrunnisa. 👍🏼🙏🏽❤️😊

  21. Mehrunnisa Khan

    Thank you for your valid information,excellent & spot on.,110%, my own research on this health topics. . Your health is your wealth,Ameen. The main killers are the Politions, , The GMO foods, ,The Pharmasutical Industrries & the Fake Doctors ,all making " MONEY " , This is all money making business. The dentist, Opticians,etc as well.. I have been in the Medical field for over 45 yrs & Having 5 major conditions, I do not have a GP in UK for the last 7 months & have stopped all pharmasutical drugs.I am 67 yrs old & since I masterminded my health & made changes, I do not have any pain, maximum energy & look 35 yrs look younger. ,Ameen. Statins are killers, try a tablespoon of cider vinegar on an stomach on an empty stomach & see the results in a months time. I hope this helps,thank you. Ameen. Mehrunnisa. 👍🏼🙏🏽🕋❤️💚💛💜💙💞💝💕😊

  22. Mark McMarkface

    Being introduced by a fascist MEP is a bit off putting tbh.

  23. Susan Apollo

    Very sick people. Greedy sick. CEOs are the heads of corporations and they are evil

  24. BodyCHEK

    Great presentations. A little shame that Dr Thomson is unaware of the mountain of evidence on non-Celiac Gluten sensitivity. Telling people that gluten sensitivity is nonsense, is misleading and potentially disastrous for some people. I've lost count of the amount of my clients who have benefited greatly on a gluten free diet and many turned around a so-called 'non-treatable' disease.

  25. Joe mc glue

    we must all take notice what they give us for health & question what we are given on prescription even for a common cold medical mistakes are getting more & more common these are realy down to quest for wealth & career moves i am 72 yrs old & i believe modern doctors see us a possible death waiting to happen this is in ireland

  26. Jenny Gibbons

    WONDERFUL! Much appreciated. Statins have taken me down a dark, deep rabbit hole that seems to have no end even 6+ years after stopping. The pain, muscle mass loss, loss of visual and mental acuity, overwhelming generalized debility, excruciating back neck and shoulder pain… I could go on. It's the gift that just keeps on giving. If only a public forum involving patients and doctors like yourself could take place and be broadcast. I know I am not the incisive and articulate person I was pre-statins, but I am still visible evidence that you can reduce a former athletics enthusiast to a cripple with just a signature on a script. Each time I asked if my deranged blood work and shopping list of symptoms might be link to statins I was assured that the drug was not responsible and was fobbed off with a change of brand name. If I could find the energy and the clarity, I'd love to join a public debate and I am sure that others may feel the same. Thanks once again for speaking up.

  27. Richard Paulson

    Eu doesn't allow sharing links. Right? Tyrants. Keto diet rules.

  28. Appleblade

    Is this a good idea? I'd rather see Keto & Carnivore diets grow in popularity through word of mouth, please. Going to government just alerts the powerful lobbies for agriculture and medicine and gives them a chance to create the 'Diet Denier' label and media campaign against LCHF. Word of mouth via social media / youTube is plenty. No need to create a battle ground.

  29. Monica Angela Hansen

    Finally, it's official! Thank you so much for posting and sharing this, Ivor! Excellent news! I hope this is the first step in changing/transforming this obsolete and dysfunctional Western system of thinking, values and practice.

  30. Colleen Simpson

    Check out Barbara ONeill's a Certified Nutritionist and Natural Health Teacher/Lecturer youtube lectures on allowing the body to heal itself by giving it the correct nutrients and removing wheat, dairy products and refined sugars from the diet along with following a healthy lifestyle. This includes good Nutrition, Exercise, sufficient Water, Temperence fresh Air, Sleep, Rest and Trust in a Higher Power. Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and a myriad of lifestyle diseases can be reversed.

  31. Rhombohedral

    5:08 Cargioloist? it Seems they can not spell at the EU parliament
    but one cant blame that on the excellent speakers and talks

  32. April James

    High I am currently titrating down off the antidepressant Pristiq/Desvenlafaxine on 50mg from 100mg. The withdrawals are scary and in a week i take one every other day for two weeks then i should be off. What is really amazing to me is my Psych put me on Gabapentin to help with the withdrawals from the antidepressants but now ill be addicted to gabapentin. I have been educating myself because the Physiatrists know not what they do. So Has anyone had to get off gabapentin? I have been taking it for a week and titrating off the antidepressants. Its helping for now but im very afraid the withdrawls from yet another added drug is not the best way to do this…Any suggestions on how to withdraw without seizures and uncontrolled yelling and hands not mine. I know the gabapentin is helping but is it another nightmare of withdrawls when im done? I'm afraid my brain is perma fucked because i have been a Physiatrists dream a live human guinea pig for the past 9 years will i ever be me again? zombie apocalypse is happening now, I am very mad at all physiatrists they are not properly trained and have no idea what problems they are causing to people. The nightmare of physiatry is real and very alive. Causing permanent damage and death to millions. If your thinking of seeing a physiatrist don't do it, You will regret it and most likely lose most of the friends jobs and joy of life is gone because zombies don't feel. Will taking gabapentin till i'm off the antidepressant be my next nightmare or can you stop easily if its only been a month? No one seems to know she told me gabapinton was easy to quit unlike the antidepressants But im not trusting her judgement any longer im afraid she is trying to keep me on medication because she says i'm bipolar I believe the book of psych is made up and none of this is real a farce to dupe the public and make money off the weak and depressed people by causing more harm just for profit … Beware the jabberwocky my friends for they are many and hide behind a fake profession full of lies and destruction. All those kids who killed at schools were on antidepressants what does this tell US all. Run away from big Pharma they only care about the money not you…

  33. gizmoellie

    I do think the tide is starting to turn……

  34. 1960ARC

    What a breath of fresh air, I can hear people waking up everywhere!!!


    All these doctors who give bad advice and force drugs on people for profit should go to jail. Let’s change the laws. Next generation watches adverts around them, they believe everything they see, humanity is doomed. Let’s change the laws. Let’s change the curricula in school and colleges. Thank you Dr. Aseem.

  36. Liz Keith

    financial bias = confirmation bias.

  37. Ann Pringle

    I thank you for this video! I am a herbalist and vegetarian over 30yrs years. Diet is also everything with exercise. Thank you for your knowledge.

  38. Liz Keith

    as a nurse that used to work for an endocrinologist, I can tell you Dr Malhotra speaks the truth. now, my focus is on exposing the the vaccine industry's big scam of promoting poorly developed and improperly tested, injurious vaccines. people have a choice, for the most part, what they eat or how much they exercise, but when it comes to vaccines there is often no choice. and at the root of many illnesses we have today, new evidence is pointing to vaccines as the cause. the unfortunate matter of cognitive dissonance and big pharma's tactics of controlling the media are clouding the judgement of many health care professionals. minds open, people.

  39. Mr Peabody

    Sounds like Sir Rory Collins should be looked into for criminal negligence

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