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  1. Z

    Everywhere you go in Asia its the same story. Idiots copying each other, right next to each other. Not even having the commonsense to move their business a little further away.

    The first place that opened could do reasonably well, but then the idiots come and nobody can make a profit. So then they start murdering each other with knives and firebombing each other's shops. This is life in retarded Asia.

  2. SGTSnakeUSMC

    …and now in 2019, rental electric scooters everywhere. Why pedal your legs off to give your ass a ride?!

  3. tony andrade

    China is a collectivist country, there is a lack of individuality

  4. uckBay Nguyen

    China is secretly constructing a bicycle made of bicycles so everyone can admire from our space. The great wall of China… meh

  5. fffff

    what stuff is your friend selling ?

  6. Jay A M

    The Chinese are like locusts

  7. shintot

    Hmmmm i think i umbrella sharing is a good idea 🤔

  8. Ravi Chandel

    I hope they don't bring shared wife

  9. Abdenacer Fodil

    Are they for sale ?? Cause i really want some truck or 2 of them . ( Any advice )

  10. Verity Owens

    Cant stop watching these vidieos, such interesting subjects .

  11. unrewritable

    What type of drone do you use during your videos?

  12. Lobster Johnson

    I remember hearing of some umbrella-sharing venture in China that failed spectacularly because no one ever returned them.

  13. Lobster Johnson

    Spectacular drone footage on that intro. You've become quite the cameraman/producer/host one-man show. As a side note I feel like Chinese knockoff brand names and Chinese bootleg game titles have tons of funny username potential

  14. jack daniel

    A true hive mind.

  15. Eric Haynes

    Wow, I've learned so much about China just by watching a few hours of Serpentza videos. They're great!

  16. Oscar Gonzalez

    Drowning by bicycle

  17. elizabeth green

    Fascinating. Thank you.

  18. gimmenasigoreng

    How about shared wives?

  19. Rpbert Butt


  20. Joe Blow

    Looks like the air there isn't nearly as bad as had been so widely reported?

  21. Ana Banana

    China can't have nice things.

  22. Gary Vallone

    The chineese are absolutely nuts. Something is basically just wrong with them

  23. Sara Harvey

    How do I become a patron? 💋

  24. Sara Harvey

    That was awesome 💖

  25. Jojo jojo

    Is it possible to send one bike buy mail whenever the price of shipping ? (In Canada )

  26. John Hoag

    Great Drone Shots

  27. D.DoT-Z

    The city where pavements look like bathroom floors.

    Tiled, grubby and covered in shit

  28. Uk trial scout Ali

    Great video
    Can you help me to buy up this bicycle mountain?
    I can buy upto 250k used bikes for export & I will pay you for your help.
    Ali from uk

  29. Ancile

    Hey serpentza! Love your videos. Lot's of same stores in the same location is a phenomena found in every country and the concept to Google is the Nash Equilibrium.

  30. Code Apple

    GDS was great….

  31. YCQ

    shared bike is bring convieniene to small group of people and will bring big trouble to large group of people. I hope band all the shared bikes in Shenzhen.

  32. Bigfriendly15

    I've worked in the food and beverage business for 20 years. I have often noticed that convenance stores that are operated by Indians do the same thing. They often duplicate each other in how they operate their stores.

  33. Anchor Bait

    You always use the term "uncle Sam" as a friend or something. But in America uncle Sam is the government. Just FYI, might want to change your uncles name to Jake or Bill

  34. John Speedling

    I saw a 4 story mall that had nothing but eye glasses for sale. Every store sold/made glasses for $16 (US). I couldn't believe it.

  35. II_4_R_Z_II

    Scrap metal them

  36. vondeliusc

    We always stay till the last microsecond 🙂

  37. digitalemotionfilms

    I love your backing tracks, are they specially made for you or are they available for use ?

  38. Tim Miller

    Of course we watched to the end! The drone footage and music was beautiful! Also very interesting content as always!

  39. Channel Suspended

    It is DYING A DEATH in the UK and United States.
    Death to this cycle fascism invented by the globalists for their Agenda 21 and smart cities.
    Why don't they peddle a bike?

  40. Sean Not-telling

    I always watch to the end and this time even happened to see the little girl playing kick the can as you walked past her.
    You might want to try some bike art work and use the colors of the bikes as your elements. The only way people would be able to see the art would be with a drone photo or high up.
    Oh and speaking of high up. Do they allow hot air balloon rides in China?

  41. Wayne A

    Junk Chinese bikes. . Fall apart

  42. Bryan C

    China doesn't innovate or invent they copy. Just like in Whitehall Pennsylvania there's a Chinese food store named China Hut which is next to a Pizza Hut not far from where I live. I wish I can send you a photo its unbelievable.

  43. Evgeny Pavlov

    those bikes are 90% recycled…

  44. David Go

    Loving the retro style music

  45. Jeff Olp

    I would not call the shared bicycles a good idea. What a waste of materials. How bad have they effected the metal prices because of this getting carried away.

  46. DemocracyUS

    Never forget that China's wealth was because of NAFTA and Kissinger shifting resources over there. They should be thanking the US.

  47. Heiner Ali

    """SHARED"""the elimination of personal / private property. Nothing strange for the great promoter of the NWO system. It's the HIVE mentality.

  48. nopy99

    There is a reason 2 hotpot shops open next to each other

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