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  2. Target CSE 2019

    India can not take benefit from its young population as there are million of youths who are investing his time mind and capability in getting government jobs. and there is no support for manufacturing and respects for entrepreneurs in UP and Bihar. If government will not use this decade to produce job and boosting manufacturing industry it will loose much of Nations wealth.

  3. Henonaga

    They're still growing more than India with an economy 5 times bigger.

  4. krishna gopal pal

    It's growth is over

  5. utpal ghosh

    Bakbas lecture

  6. Sunny's life

    Pls sir koi car ki chinese company ka naam bataye famous meine dekhi nhi abhi tk koi bhi


    एक वीडियो इंडिया पे भी बनादो क्यों इंडिया की जीडीपी गिर रही है ।


    Sir aapki vidios ki playlist bana dijiye

  9. x man

    Jai hind…. Jai indian army

  10. Amarnath Chaudhari

    Better to at ×1.25

  11. Veer Singh

    You explained very well
    Thanks Sir

  12. kanha

    Nice sir

  13. Kuldeep Singh

    Is it because of the youth age of China is over?

  14. amanvds

    6% of 15 trillion is still about 800bn dollars per year ….. that's about the entire GDP of Saudi Arabia ….. China adds a new Saudi Arabia every year to its economy

  15. shismohammad mulla

    Tax cut par video banao

  16. rahul chai

    Bhai..with same logic you should have compared the Bangladesh with india in ur last video…..but no .??? .seems u don't want to appreciate the current government

  17. Jarasandh

    50-10 wala mujhe bhi aaya tha

  18. Varsha Singh

    NYC session sir👍

  19. Where is Ravish Kumar? Rooondu to nehi hua

  20. Ashutosh Anshu

    India should remove religion
    India should open economy and rules
    Infrastructure needs to be drastically improved

  21. Hungama Fun

    Media ne zyada hi hawa uda rkhi he, ab china ki gdp 14 trillion ho chuki he to kya wo speed se grow karta hi rhega kya , USA ko dekhna uski growth rate 2-3% hi hoti he china ki fir bhi bohot he, china ne khid apna maal pela he puri duniya ko, ab unka samay aagaya he🙏

  22. ash talk

    मोदी है तो नामुमकिन है देश को आगे बढना

  23. Alex Alex

    Make series of lecture on bureaucracy related subject public administration

  24. John Thomson

    US – Economy 20 Trillion (GDP growth 1.5%) – growth in economy 300 billions
    China – Economy 14 Trillion (GDP growth 6%) – growth in economy 840 billions
    India – Economy 3 Trillion (GDP growth 6.5%) – growth in economy 195 billions

    China Economy is Huge and still growing very fast which is really great thing and we need to learn from it.
    Actually, 6% growth is great for China considering they are already quite developed and also have to fight Trump's trade war.

  25. ajeet verma

    US deeply know whats going with world GDP thats why he decided to increse the duty on Chinese product and keep their own GDF safe

  26. ritwik

    Chinese politicians are like…..No problem bro,we don't have any election.😂🤣😂🤣

  27. Raj Arian Singh

    Jis hisab se islam india m grow kar raha h agle 30saal m india ka ek aur prtition ho jaiga

  28. hansraj yadav

    Thats why…. USA IS attacking on export of China

  29. Gouranga Biswas

    Sir you fallow Aljazeera news ???

  30. Ajeet Kumar

    Ye kya modi ne chine ki gdp gira dii

  31. MR: CR7

    Make a video about Bangladesh🇧🇩

  32. Himansu Palei

    This is d time for india to close d market for china, and take d benifit of usa china trade war at max

  33. Ghatak Hun mai

    Economy mai Sab kuch itna interconnected hai, 😲 ek choti si cheez bhi chedoge to pura hil jaaega, 😞😞( Domino effect )

    aur Yahan to Note hee ban kar diye,😖😖 jisse pura informal sector hee be maut mar gya, 😵😵upar se GST ka hathoda, Formal sector bhi ICU 🤒🤕mai aa gya, kya chutiyaap Pm hai yaar.👎

  34. Neelesh Kushwaha

    Sir ji Ek video police rank par provide kijiye please

  35. Brijbhan Yadav

    Yaha politics hi khatm nhi hoti…koi congress to koi bjp ki burayi krta h…koi plan aur infrastructure ko praise nhi krta

  36. Vikram Singh

    I want Chinese Economy to be fall Dawn below 3 %
    It a great opportunity for our INDIA 🇮🇳
    JAI HIND 💪 🇮🇳

  37. Black Studios

    Please India economy video

  38. Arjun Dewda

    Chaina ko is se koi fark nhi pdega pr yeah sahi time he ki hm bhi kam se kam import kre chaina se

  39. Rahul kundu

    Sir please make video about Indian media in present condition and their impact in our society.

  40. Pankaj Kumar

    Car ka demand kaha se badhega itna jayada cost increase huwa h car or bike ka ki khena nahi. Upper se price v Kam nahi kiya jaata ki sale badhe


    Bodhia analysis. Thank you Sir.

  42. PAM India

    China ki gand fat chuki hai

  43. Solar System

    Love to Ankit Sir.

  44. Kamlesh Pal

    like is compulsory for gaurav sir


    North India population factory…

  46. Rajveer Singh

    ty sir for this nice video i really like it. but here is one problem i am unable to find your facebook id and that's why not able to download the pdf. please sir provide me link so that i will join it.

  47. Utility info

    Please dear Indians don't buy any MADE IN CHINA ITEMS in Diwali or any day Please Please Please 🙏🙏🙏Thanks

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