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  1. D Franks

    Someone dared to "thumbs down" this. Too much seconal?

  2. D Franks

    This should be cranked to 11 on a volume scale of 10. Nothing sounds better than this one.

  3. Joseph Harrigan

    How about Dave Davies voice in this one

  4. Rick W.

    Cay cray nites

  5. Layrch chee

    Lets dance!

  6. MrDrRockn1

    I just brought home new Bose computer speakers , this is the third Kinks song I sought out to give em whirl…..very nice

  7. classiclistener01

    "Sleepwalker!"  Such an UNDERRATED album.  I bought this album (vinyl) in a bargain-bin in a K-Mart in 1980 with paper route money when I was 14; and, with the corner cut off!?!?  The best $2.00 I spent that year! 🙂

  8. MrDrRockn1

    I keep coming back to this one…..sensational !

  9. MrDrRockn1

    Basic….Pure…Rock !!

  10. David Heinz

    Actually, I did hear this on the radio! It was a public radio station, of course. Record companies that control commercial radio don't want us to hear good music, it seems.

  11. Devin Svennson

    I actually prefer this stuff to their 60s stuff that everyone loves.

  12. WarHog38

    Another Kink's misfit song.

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