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  1. Green Jihad

    There are no good guys in this scenario. On the one hand is a brutal Communist dictatorship, on the other is an enclave of Muslims who are conducting jihad. Let the bastards kill themselves.

  2. ManCave Man

    Young Americans on college campuses support this by wearing the hammer and sickle. Reprehensible.

  3. privateryan1099

    Full trade blockade. Smuggle in weapons to Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Special forces blow up main power facilities and cripple vital infrastructure through cyber warfare. China will face economic collapse in a few months. The people will protest and a democratic government could be installed.

  4. Gary Tarbell

    I've gotta get my girlfriend out of there.

  5. Renaissance Man

    But when it comes to white genocide in South Africa you Cucks would say it's a conspiracy theory. Fuck you, ReasonTV !!!

  6. Hoosier Hermit

    Never trust a socialist or a Muslim

  7. Hoosier Hermit

    Islam must be erased from the face of the Earth

  8. Ken Rhoades

    No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail.

  9. Adam Jones


  10. 白志旭

    As a Chinese man, I have to say , the Xinjiang Province some nations very aggressive and always kill people, we lock the murder people, and then educate them to be Peaceful …. that is all … every country has jail .

  11. Matthew Pratt

    I’m confused why so many countries around this area are for these camps.
    It seems that only the West is against it.

  12. MoJo Tomo

    But muh Free Trade. A shiny new Costco opened in Shanghai this week.

  13. Voot Eimer

    yeah lets avoid the word "holocaust" cuz thatd be problematic. Sort of like refusing to label Antifa as "fascists."

  14. Andres Roberts

    No one:
    Authoritarian right: Yes! The ethnostate we’ve all been waiting for!

  15. kucfogflesrouy hctib

    fuck muslims idc.

  16. kucfogflesrouy hctib

    fuck muslims especially. multi culture of muslims.

  17. kucfogflesrouy hctib

    fuck china

  18. King Peppy

    All concentration camps are bad

  19. TheKOOBAS

    Don't put ideas in the heads of the Dems.
    They are going to set up reeducation camps for homeschoolers, anti-vaxxers, climate deniers, 2A supporters.

  20. m0rchaint m0rchaint

    Once again – Socialism in action.

  21. Positive Strategies and Tactics

    Corinthians 6:9-10 – Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of Yahuah Alahym? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind

  22. Tyler

    While it is not the same, this comes off somewhat similar to the Canadian attempt to dismantle the 'first nations' cultures by removing children from communities, etc. Basically, what China is attempting here is not exactly novel in my opinion, with many examples existing throughout history, however the use of current knowledge/technologies/etc. to accomplish such a goal is definitely something new and should be carefully considered/addressed.

  23. Johnathan Myers

    The Native Americans of the Sino Frontier.

  24. Rolf Kristensen

    China plays hardball with terrorists, the west should learn

  25. Paul H

    I've never heard about this since today. Thank you for this. The MSM will never talk about this…

  26. ILoveCoffee

    I stopped watching after 12 minutes, i couldn't take all the lies and deception anymore. THEY AREN'T LOCKED BASED ON THEIR ETHNICITY AND RELIGION, THEY ARE LOCKED BECAUSE THEY ARE TERRORISTS OR SUSPECTED OF BEING TERRORISTS AS YOU LITERALLY SHOWED IN THE INTRODUCTION CLIP. I am very disappointed at Reason TV for not doing their research more objectively. You should've invited somebody who is more familiar with the situation. For the last 5/10 years, there have been DOZENS AND DOZENS of terrorist acts ALL ACROSS CHINA. Bombs have exploded at airports killing DOZENS of innocent people. Cars have been rammed in pedestrians killing innocent children and women. You showed some of that. But then the proceeding interview is not connected with the introduction part. THAT''S WHY these people have been send to these camps, so they can get de-indoctrinated. You also didn't show all the threats that exist by these people in Facebook and other platforms calling for ''The destruction of China''. They arrest ONLY THOSE TERRORISTS, not ordinary people. You literally said in the beginning that about 1/4 of the population, so that means the majority HAVE NOT BEEN ARRESTED. Why? If CCP wanted to arrest all of them simply because they are Muslims, why aren't they arresting the rest of the population???? Very disappointed at Reason TV.

  27. Tony Kondaks

    Members of one totalitarian ideology (Communism) repressing members of another totalitarian ideology (Islam).

  28. Dan Z

    It's sad liberal media is posting daily of how some illegal aliens in the USA don't think it's fare that they are not allowed to say illegally, when there is REAL NEWS LIKE THIS to report. China has REAL concentration camps where they are torturing and killing people. But what do the liberals care about others. They only care about claiming to care about others, their fake internet points. I'm glad reason tv exit to show real news and show the real dangers of large government and their inevitable concentration camps with those who they disagree with.

  29. Wonderful Mockingbird

    In USA, Trump call Cultural Genocide Americanlization.

  30. Billy Bob

    This video should be on YouTube trending, not Jimmy Kimmel and makeup tutorials.

  31. Walid

    Only western countries have the right to protect themselves against terrorism. Point Blank.
    Western countries can do preventive wars, against other countries, lie about WMD to attack others, make Muslim bans against the countries they attacked, use Napalm in Vietnam, nuclear weapons in Japan. That's all good.

    The rest, if they do, even inside their own borders for justifiable, with video proof reasons, will be accused of human rights violation.

  32. Colin Theriac

    16:46. China is advocating the settlement of Han into the region and encourages intermarriage and for the Uighurs to integrate with them, not to exterminate the minority. This is not racism. Cutting off interracial marriages and demanding a state that enforces their cult is the side of evil. China is brining development, education and emancipation of women, electricity, modern farming practices and land reclamation, and the future "New Silk Road" initiative to the region to bring wealth and prosperity for the descendants of the Uighurs.

  33. Ted Phillips

    "Liberalist Socialism" at work. This what the leftists who have hijacked our Democrat party would do here.

  34. Colin Theriac

    15:23. If a portion of a country wishes to secede, it is necessary for the country to crack down on the secessionists, even to the point of a civil war. That was the position of Abraham Lincoln in direct contradiction to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. If you wish to view the Uighurs as having the right of self determination, then you must say that the CSA had the right to secede, even though their primary motivation to do so was over slavery. Otherwise you must accept that what the CCP is doing insofar as it is crushing a secessionist movement is justified as it is less destructive than an open civil war.

  35. SuperReallyNice

    Ya but Trump!
    See, America isn't so bad after all Democrats.

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