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  1. Tanner burtch

    were is joel???

  2. Jay M

    Ugh, why does every character have to be gay now……… They are like less than 5% of the population! Sorry, but that ruins it for me, yes it's GROSS!

  3. skup skup Larsson

    Is it me but i feel like ellie Will be more boring now when shes older?

  4. Is anyone selling a Playstation I made the terrible mistake of buying an Xbox

  5. Phoenix gaming

    don't hurt joel senpai naughty dog 🙁

  6. Zarak Shah

    I like joel more then ellie

  7. YaZaN

    3 years ago wtf !

  8. Ger

    Joker. El Camino. The Irishman. Mega Drive mini. The Last of Us 2. Death Stranding. Ghostwire Tokyo. Stop spoiling me ☺️

  9. Vlad Sînge

    This spoils too much

  10. Angry Hoosier

    I took the trailer and added a little music… Tell me what you think good or bad? This is called The Last of Us 2 -Where do you think your going ? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/489190424

  11. Beatorama

    joel is gonna be arthur 2.0 just watch ;-; someone is cutting the onions already

  12. FW BabyFace

    Joel finally got rid of Sarah's watch..

  13. DC Spidey

    Im glad they made joel look old but not too old in appearance!!!!

  14. joel vazquez

    Ellie es una puta mierda conparado con Joel porfavor que el le disloco el brazo a un traficante Ellie no aria eso en su puta vida

  15. smile_for_M3

    Ellie: what the hell are you doing here ?
    Joel: this is my game
    Ellie: left the chat

  16. Triston Ong


  17. Kris Fresh

    I’m so excited to play this game. I just might play part 1 again until part 2 releases.


    Damn still have to wait

  19. Aran Erem

    This game is going to be beautiful

  20. julian effendi

    1:23 What is exactly they doing to Ellie?

  21. youtubeVIP1 mod

    Looks awesome. It would be amazing it there were an option/options to remove certain features, like …. can a efffing game be made without fukkking zombies and/or creatures from … a galaxy fart fart away … ? Smells like sh*t!
    Uncharted 4 was all hype about the cut scenes and trailer, but the game's mechanics were the same as Uncharted 2 !! BS HYPE!!

  22. Raid_NRG

    In Last Of Us, I was excited to play as Ellie but in this game I’m gonna be excited to play as frikkin JOEL

  23. Akame Ga Crack

    am I the only one excited to know that big nosed chick is gonna get shot?

  24. Scorpio

    If you want multiplayer to release with the game:

  25. Stameteam

    Not on xbox one? NOT FEAR 🙁

  26. The Truth

    And here we go with Ellie whooping grown men twice her size… ridiculous

  27. rob ford

    Theory I have is that Ellie is pregnant because she was assaulted, they said somebody was pregnant and in the trailer they show her bruised and beat up . And as the theme of the game is about how violence can be perceived and affect people. Messed up if it was true but would make for a good revenge story and really make the players feel the story.

  28. Reinhard Gellen

    A story about hate is always better that this about love , since the hate is stronger and more true.

  29. Niko

    Is that going to run well on the basic ps4 ?

  30. Shane Banning


  31. Other Two



    This game considers homosexuality is normal but in prediction is a mental illness that needs treatment، i don't like it

  33. Roy Daniels

    Looks like everyone’s favorite tag team is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ben Russell-Gough

    Poor Dina! But I guess that being the protagonist's love interest at the start of this sort of game made her pretty much dead meat from the get go!

  35. Forest hoe

    IF JOEL DIES WE RIOT!!!!!!!!!!

  36. saim sammy

    im saving by pocket money

  37. JAYREN


  38. Cyka Blyat

    Joel is not a figment of her imagination, he's alive

  39. Angiel Rolon

    Personally I think they messed up telling us that her love interest died. Now we know why she's on a revenge quest.

  40. Adam West

    @2:02 when you find out that there's no multiplayer

  41. Jeff Moyer - Advance Web Solutions Calgary

    You can probably rate this game a 10 already, would be surprised if IGN or Gamespot scores it anything less.

  42. Scorpio

    Cancelled my preorder when I found out they cancelled multiplayer. Can’t trust Naughty Dog 🐍

  43. KC Jack Nave

    No multiplayer!!?? Well, looks like we will have to make it happen: http://chng.it/V7cxwSjQ5z

  44. general phoenix

    What the hell New infected at 2:10

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