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  1. Silk Music

    🎧 Download/Stream "The Midnight Remixed 02": https://bit.ly/silka033

    Like The Midnight, I always try to create emotionally driven music, and this remix was no exception. For me it's an undecided mixture of happy and sad that can resonate with a wide array of situations. -ERKKA

  2. RespectableGrimer

    Now this one is special!

  3. FiDa HussaiN

    Out StanDinG Music Thanks!!!<3

  4. Armand Wonderland


  5. Blue Wizard

    It's like progressive house mixed with Burial, love it.

  6. CrzndlSndr

    Good god that drop <3

  7. Shep狂い咲きの花

    Fantastic sound!!!

  8. Spacios Publicitarios Productions


  9. Ivan Chacon

    Dreamy. Smooth. Silky. 😉

  10. Tom

    🎵Silk music 🎵fantastic 👍💯

  11. [Aardbei]

    This remix is ✨ extraordinaire! WOW! Love it!!! 💞💞

  12. vic2net

    awesome! I like this kind of Melodic/Deep Progressive <3

  13. Omari Joseph

    all your good ones that I like come on a Wednesday, when i need tunes like this on Friday…hehehe….nonetheless…it's a good jump start…..

  14. Decrona

    I love all these remixes that have been coming out. I discovered the midnight about a year ago and it's warmed my dead soul

  15. Irshaad Lutchka

    Awesomeness!!!!thank you Silk once again…what a beautiful remix…shout out to Erkka and the rest of the team at SILK!!!!!

  16. Nitin Bhatt

    Another one! A fantastic tune to wake up the middle of the week. Fabulously funky and the revision by Erkka is simply put, PERFECT! Thanks to The Midnight, Erkka and of course Silk Music ❤❤❤

  17. Григорий_BOND

    Hi привет

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