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  1. Denise Silva

    Vixi!!! Deu ruim foi? Fica assim não vc consegue fazer melhor q isso já sabemos q faz bem melhor linda princesa do campo vc mora num pedacinho do céu Deus abençoe e ilumine vc ainda mais bjs

  2. Sam Oh

    Oh no !
    0:20 when i saw cow uh-ho beef dish will be 😋

  3. Arum Sondaqkh


  4. Hoa Ly

    Chị làm kiểu gì vậy

  5. Sunita Srivastava


  6. ivone teiko maekawa stripecke

    Pena que não tem legenda.

  7. Bompi Lollen

    liziqi please upload every day,,I can't finish my day without seeing your video…have to watch same video again again but every time…feel awesome and inspiring thank u.

  8. Mercado Central

    Que mulher linda.

  9. Van HoangThử Thử Thử xem


  10. kiran bachhar

    What happend at last.


    Nice hard working baby

  12. Avile Selice

    Haha….that's cute even your angry
    I like you when am boring I use to watch your video that give me fresh mind I really interested in you
    Don't give up

  13. Bor Bor

    يازين الضيق زينها

  14. Henlenlal Singson

    I watch most of her videos ,she is one of the most hardworking girl I ever seen in the modern world and apart from mobile phones ,Gucci ,Luis Vuitton etc ❤

  15. 王文傑

    😘👍 做壞了 再把紙做回紙漿就行

  16. Mẫn123 Nguyễn123


  17. Antonio José Esteves Amorim


  18. Lydia Darla

    4:43 that is so me !! 😂😂 When what I'm doing flops

  19. العراق العراق

    اريد اجي يمج

  20. bda hmar tlangte

    paper cutting vids next

  21. Beebu Beebuarshu

    Super darly

  22. Arang Song

    I really hope she doesn't pay attention to the negative comments.

    Her channel and content are amazing.

  23. SpontaneousLord 375

    I scared so much when she grab the pepar and put it in fire… 😂 Not for pepar.

  24. IZSI 9

    No lo hubieses quemado, me lo hubieses regalado para pintar algo


    nice dear

  26. Robert Emerson

    LOL Adorable and so very talented at everything! ❤️

  27. Teddy huang

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  28. Tradisional Channel


  29. علاء الشربيني سلام

    ها خربت خره بحظج

  30. Quang Phạm


  31. Suraj Gurung

    She failed for the first time I guess😅😅

  32. محمد مبارك


  33. Mê Truyện Tranh

    Tưởng đốt luôn rồi. Kkkk

  34. MrShiggitty

    I knew Mulan was real. Girls like this only come along once every dynasty 🙂

  35. ara rojb

    sayang jangan marah marah dong

  36. Frozen Ass

    This was actually funny😂😂

  37. غوينجي سان

    واووو شو هل جمال😢

  38. Yummy Tasty


  39. Angie Laishram


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