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  1. Yu Le

    When fighting for freedom is wrong. When fighting protests against corrupt government is wrong

  2. professional airconditioner

    Winston how informed are you about communism actually? Ever read a book or even wikipedia? I'd attribute this more to Chinese capitalism.

  3. Stewie Griffin

    oh no, they kicked him out on the street

  4. Tenavatuokio

    German journalist Klaus Mehnert already in 1962 mentioned this total lack of empathy for fellow citizens in mainland China in his book 'Peking and Moscow'. Seems like nothing has changed since then. Great video, thanks.

  5. Astarath

    This is what happens in a low trust society, you see the same kind of thing in a lot of former soviet bloc countries

  6. Little Pumpkin Pie Hair-Cutted Freak

    Don’t their ‘social credit score’ go down if they were caught not doing nothing to help? I mean they got cameras all over the place😑

  7. Gianmarco Tarabotti

    I do not know how it's regulated in other countries but in Italy it's a crime if you don't help a person in trouble like these examples. You can be imprisoned for even an entire year (or you have to pay 2 salaries as a fine).

  8. Jerry Hager

    Bottom line if you want to live in China there's something emotionally psychologically or there's something just really off about your personality…. Put simply social retardation.

  9. Harry Connor

    Its pretty terrifying the morals in China have degraded to this extent.

  10. Jerry Hager

    And as far as Chinese women go I've heard that the coldest piece of ass in the world.,.. so if you like a female that looks like a little ten-year-old boy you're in the right place

  11. Rishab Mazumdar

    Respect to that begger. He is a bigger man than all those shits.

  12. Cacilia Why

    Your subtitles need some work with English grammar. I wanna is not correct English and is low class slang. I see young people in the world using that now and it is wrong to let them think that is the way you should speak or write, esp. if they might want a job using English.

  13. Rebecca Yen

    It's disturbing to hear such horrible things. 😩😩

  14. C K

    This has floored me 😳, my GOD!

  15. Steve2 Me

    WOW, Just to let anyone from China know if you come to Australia and I see you been treated bad or abused in anyway I will come and help you.

  16. Budiman Lim

    At least china don't invade to loot other nations and turn them into shitholes till today: Iraq Libya Afghanistan Syria etc, millions killed tens of millions made homeless, women and children being traded like slaves and their natural resources continue being looted as we speak, now trying hard on hongkong Venezuela and Iran.

  17. S William


  18. Dreamstimes

    I lost 3k in China coz of scam. Will you guys help others if your environment has lots of scams as same as China? Actually you guys cannot answer this question coz you guys are not grow up in that kind of environment. All the idea that you have are base on your experience in your environment, people is a product of the environment, you guys use your values which grew from your environment to judge other people in another environment is kind of unreasonable, coz you guys haven’t find the real reason behind the behavior. you are just analyzing the superficial things if you only blame the behaviors of the people in China, if you wanna know the real reason rather than just prove your point and build your influence, I suggest you go deeper, to find why and why until you find the nature, Serpentza

  19. Grumpy Cat

    The whole world is sick, Winston. The measures put in place by society, our rulers have poisoned and twisted us into a shadow of our former selves and the worst part is most of us aren't even aware of it or know what to do to fix the problem.

  20. sjaak zwart

    It's pretty obvious:
    Communism has screwed their mind. They killed about 100 million of their own during Mao; AND THIS REGIME IS STILL IN PLACE. Mao is maybe worse than Hitler; the difference is he turned on his own people instead of his surrounding neighbors. It's like the nazi's still ruling Germany. If this were tru; germans would be pretty fucked up to. Watch your back Serpentza.

  21. Chris McIntosh

    honestly, i have seen some of this in the Philippines too.

  22. hypurban

    Why was the previous upload made private?

  23. Jbassguy

    It must be a hard dangerous society like North Korea or stalinist Russia, or nazi Germany, where you simply can't afford to care about anyone else but those you can absolutely trust, like close friends and family. They've learned to be that way in order to survive. Like being in a herd or a school of fish. Safety in numbers and you hope someone else is the victim.

  24. Wikinma Wan

    They don't do anything because of the sense of self-protection is stronger, too many scamers, they supposed victims may be working in tantrum with the scamers!!!
    Is not that we don't help people, but I will only people that I know.
    I will help other people but not in mainland China!!

  25. Profiler

    Yes but our European societies are being destroyed for being too helpful and kind, to the extent of self-destruction.

  26. Madsf Jaada

    "It's just a prank Bro"

  27. 1997CWR

    I have recently visited China for 3 Weeks and it's amazing how fast you learn to ignore People approaching you.

  28. Pentti Kantanen

    I wonder what would happen if they did the same experiment in a number of european or american cities. I'm sure most would call the cops at least, but regular people step in alone? I'm not so sure. Not everyone grew up in south africa or are otherwise ready to physically challenge someone else.

  29. Conor Lohman

    Ok dude wtf is this thumbnail

  30. Cacilia Why

    Germany is not quite that bad, but close. MYOB is the word of the day, week and forever. Probably due to the past.

  31. lucy-ferprofiler

    That's so scary. I'm a white-blond European woman who speaks Chinese. I remember being in the same situation as the little boy. I had forgotten my wallet and I needed to take the subway. I spotted a bunch of aiyi next to me and I went to talk to them. I explained I needed to take the subway, they chatted with me, took pics with me and gave me the money. It is true that people in China trust some foreigners way more than they trust their fellow citizens. I've enjoyed as a European woman almost nearly every positive discriminatory behavior you can imagine: no fee for my overweight luggage, incredible generosity from Chinese men and women (free housing, gifts, etc.), success in difficult negotiations, Chinese people seeing I was lost and going out of their way to make sure I head home safely. I really felt very much cared for. I even made a bunch of firefighters come to my university to help a poor cat trapped under a bridge (lol). Paradoxically enough, the only time I felt in danger was when I was around other foreigners. Some of them drunk on the streets tried to pick me up, one of them stole my wallet when I was in the bathroom and so on.

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