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  1. Phax.

    Not really a fan of his music but this some of the realest shit I’ve heard him say 💯

  2. Sarod Johnson

    It’s evil because they don’t have nothing else to talk about! The devil only exists to those who believe

  3. Sarod Johnson

    God gave us talent the devil don’t give shit, nobody gonna tell me a god given talent comes from the devil, gtfoh

  4. Sarod Johnson

    Shit is a mans game! They fooled y’all that’s its for kids! They’re not built for it mentally

  5. FBI

    lol what a coincidence hes in jail now for choking and biting his girlfriend

  6. Sa'lands Stuart

    I don't want to be rich just want my family to live comfortable money is the root to all evil the devil 😈 is a lie wake up people wake up 👀🙏🙌💯

  7. Sweet Melodii

    Michael exposing sony and the industry, x exposing the industry, tupac exposing the industry, nipsey exposing the industry, biggie, etc all these people who've exposed something about the industry and they all died?

  8. Detroit Skippy

    It's evil because artists are encouraged to take on a God complex.

  9. arron bingham

    Satan was the minister of music in heaven before he fell

  10. AmCrusher

    So true bruh and it's really upsetting

  11. Taylor Will

    I’ll never Be a Rapper Or Never would Sell Myself ( Jesus Got Me 🧡 )

  12. michael Kazz

    Hey young man, tell us something we haven't known for 80yrs. Just say this knowledge is not new.

  13. Moves n Groves

    Why does he has chains and big cars n showing off

  14. Shamon Lee

    He prolly lost the spark and now he bitching. Watch this mfs freshman u know he broke already.

  15. Tara Tate

    Mark 8:36 What Does It Profit A Man To Gain The Whole World 🌎 Yet Forfeit His Soul ?

  16. Stay Woke

    "He gives you what you want so you can destroy yourself" Fax!

  17. D Phantom

    Everything about balance, you just gotta be conscious of what you doing.

  18. D Phantom


  19. Love bn Nubian ———-

    Michael Jackson basically said the same thing many, many many years ago.

  20. Tyrome Coleman


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