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  1. Juan Navarro


  2. stolzer_vollzeit_noob

    Wunderschön, einfach nur gänsehaut. Typisch deutsch

  3. Jnmcda0

    I would presume that Nietzsche did (in German, obviously).

  4. Edit

    Who composed the lyrics?

  5. Edit

    When such comparisions will stop…??

  6. S Gurney

    It never made sense to me why Nietzsche would like these lyrics specifically until I took them for myself. Of course, I understand the nostalgia for childhood innosence, but then I thought how it is analogous to philosophical, spiritual development: the yearning from ideals for growth and insight, and the eventual realisation that growth means throwing out old clothes for which your love has faded and which don't fit any more… To yearn for growth is also self annihilation… overcoming?

  7. pauobiol

    very nice, thanks for the lyrics!

  8. Son of Tiamat

    @obiwanobiwan13 If you'd like to see a REAL Napleon, watch the anime Code Geass. Lolouch is a good guy, a bad guy; a liberator, a tyrant; a hero, a villian; Good, Evil. He comes closest to being a real Overman in my opinion.

  9. Daniel Freeman

    @Foucks Yet in "The Case of Wagner" Nietzsche writes that he adored Bizet's "Carmen," commenting "This music appears perfect to me."

    So surely he didn't despise ALL opera…he comments in "Beyond Good and Evil" (I believe it is that work) on the merits of different nationalities' art and music, and he does praise some, for the same reason he praises Napoleon–

    Napoleon was a unique man trying to take control with his will.
    Bizet's opera exudes feelings of power.
    Will to Power="Carmen."

  10. Foucks

    @obiwanobiwan13 In "The Birth of Tragedy" he describes the opera as something that present the degeneration of man. I doubt Puccini would have changed his mind.

  11. Carlinfan1

    @obiwanobiwan13 Cheers!

  12. Carlinfan1

    @obiwanobiwan13 yeah, good point.

  13. Daniel Freeman

    @Carlinfan1 I honestly think Nietzsche would've loved opera, as he loved music and considered tragedy the truest form of art and art a true construct and reflection of our being.

    Somehow I get the feeling operas like Bizet's "Carmen" and then the works of Tchaikovsky might've appealed, and then I think it a great shame he never lived to hear Puccini, the master of the heavy opera, his musical notes oozing tragedy and fallen heroes and artists…"La Boheme," anyone?

    Cheers, Free Spirits!

  14. Carlinfan1

    @obiwanobiwan13 Dice to that, and you can hear here what he seems to have meant wheh he wrote of music, not the grandiose sagas of a Wagner but the short and sweet, sentimental lieders of a Schumann.

  15. Daniel Freeman

    @Carlinfan1 And what is tragic, however…

    On the whole, he was NOT understood, in his own time or in times to come.

    But he DID also say, in "The Anti-Christ," that "Some are born posthumously."

    With Nietzsche, you almost get the feeling he KNEW he'd be misunderstood and unappreciated in his time… you get the feeling he knew a lot, and, from this music, we can see he FELT quite a lot as well.

    Let us all strive to be out own, individual and creatively unbounded, Free Spirits!

  16. mwpunk182

    i think this may also be my favorite, and thank you much for the translation!

  17. Carlinfan1

    Nietzsche's last published words, as far as I know, were from Ecce Homo, and they were "Have I been understood?" I've always loved Nietzsche but now after hearing this little song I say "Yes Brother, I understand you."

  18. Pericordio

    It's really nice.

  19. Jnmcda0

    And so it was: I did not miss
    to roam through many lands.
    But, it did not bring me half the bliss
    of holding grandpa's hands.

  20. Jnmcda0

    This is my favorite of Nietzsche's compositions. For those wondering, here is the translation:

    The path along the golden fence,
    how beautiful it was!
    At dawn, I used to walk from hence
    up to my knees in grass.
    I played there until eventide
    with pebbles and with sand.
    Grandfather took me home at night
    and held my little hand.

    How I wish that I could see
    the world, grown tall and tough
    Grandfather says: oh, let it be!
    It will happen soon enough.

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