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  1. Garuda Stambha

    Naxalites are taking no land in idea

  2. The Kiddie Stool of Bastounin

    Can we make banks controlled by working-class ppl and threatening Amerikkka?! I would work there (you know 5-hour workdays, benefits, free schooling for kids, free health, free residence those things..)

  3. dedi man


  4. Deependra Salvi

    that is a brics bank not china bank

  5. Poet

    Scramble for Africa 2.0

  6. Grey Snipe

    when I was in Iraq Chinese investors was planning to buy the hamrin mountains because of the oil reserves, but not any more

  7. Authoritarian Leftist

    Brilliant video, very informative and I appreciate everything you do. Keep up the good work comrade! 🙂

  8. गरुड़ध्वज

    भाई जिस देश के बारे मे पता ना हो उसके बारे मे बोलते नही। खास कर के भारत जेसे विविधता पुर्ण देश के बारेमे।।


    The AIIB was initiated because China, with billions in US Treasuries, felt ripped off when the US became financially irresponsible by launching QE.  It is never the intention of China to become a imperialistic power as history shows.

  10. W33 D33

    Well I'm glad the uk my country has signed but I do understand why America won't do this and this is because if a war breaks out against Europe everyone is fucked and the same with the USA that's why there doing this

  11. Richard Piunti

    Why should they give china more power than what they've got in which they get cities that are not occupied so what's the point in giving them more power than what they've already they're not using the resources they've got wisely enough

  12. David Scott

    With 2/3rd of Fed. Res. notes exported, and so many nations joining the AIIB. we could see another trick similar to Richard Nixon's when he took the dollar off the gold standard, but what that trick is will probably not work on BRICS, as they are older and wiser. Instead of the U.S. and the IMF using the tool of sanctioning others, they may wind up being the ones sanctioned.

  13. Mike Joseph

    Whats all this nonsense about US/Chinese aggression that I see in the comments. The U.S. Needs china as much as they need us. they are our biggest and cheapest trade partner. The Chinese are way too smart to jeopardize one of if not their Biggest trade partners in the world. the U.S. economy takes a dip their economy takes a dip simple as that. The US Government is a least smart enough not to jeopardize our trade relation to china who gives a shit about how much US Americans and the Chinese hate each other this will not throw us into any war this is not 2nd century people we're in the technological era and we actually think before we act now. unlike the lot of you who post fallacy enriched opinions

  14. Abuzar Khan

    guys i spent 5 years in china. trust me china shall never become a super power. the country is extremely corrupt and full of stupid people. china is an alarming sign to the world. it has no humanitarian qualities. Japan and US on the other side are very civilied nations. and this world need USA to be the power otherwise crazy isis and stupid communist, dog and shit eating chinese will invade the world. don't forget china also occupied by force many territories of neighbouring country. what Japan did to china in WW2 was very brutal. but Japan has evolved into a civilized country under the influence of western powers. but china is a stupid country and it will not survive more than 3 days if once in war with a small country such as north korea or vietnam.

  15. Randy Hartono

    With China you get a fair trade and with US you get only bombs over your kids…

  16. Randy Hartono

    With China you get a fair trade and with US you get only bombs over your kids…

  17. 7thSmurf

    You remember C and C Generals? …the little guy always said: Destroy chinas enemies! and one day they will..^^

  18. spydergs

    57 Countries have signed on with China and the AIIB.

  19. Mike Cho

    The most G10 countries in Europe and more than 40 other countries have joined China – led world bank system which takes care of the flow of world's economy. This new China currency system is alternate to currently debilitating us currency net work, and it is stepping up " in time " to save the devastating world economy. All the clever, concerned world leaders see the importance of new system and supporting it to save their countries' devastating economy. This is an imperative mission for mankind.
    So creating WW3, which is about the US currency monopoly in the world, would be self-destroying act. The US policy makers must rethink and plan carefully and wisely so that the US could coexist economically and politically with rest of countries in the world.

  20. 俞庆泽

    why are so many people care about China??????????????????????????????????/

  21. Pfsif

    I swear the "Conspiracy Theorist" were saying this for a decade?

  22. peacefulmind12

    China and the other countries want out of CORRUPTION CORRUPTION of the US Dollar. They want to Help and not Steal.

  23. Joseph

    Only 3rd world countries might go along with the Yuan, but they will have to lend out to the highest risk on earth,  GOOD LUCK, SUCKER!

  24. lowjackx1x

    What a load of crap!!!!C!!R!!A!!P!!!!

  25. Angelo Jamaica

    I believe the BIS is the big mother of it all along with those located in Switzerland.  There is a reason that this country has been left neutral for 500 years.  All road in the western banking system go thru Suisse.

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