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  1. Azerai1313

    I love that NFO sounds like Soilwork from the 80s

  2. necroplastful

    So fucking sweet as usual. If you ever have a chance to see them live you absolutely FUCKING HAVE TO!!!!!

  3. Dragana Hansman

    wow, great 😍💯

  4. Shredder Steve

    I'm copnfused and now this song is stuck in my head

  5. frishnit

    Beyond stoked to see these guys at Bloodstock, they're bloody great!

  6. Jacq CHL

    It has that very 80's Flashdance vibes which is good… This I LIKE 👍🤘

  7. Jack Robb

    Oh good, new Night Flight Orchestra, all is well again musically.

  8. Jansen Haneline

    Damn Björn and David have been busy these last couple of years.

  9. Thorsten Saliger

    Why the hell does the Chorus sound so familiar? Good song though 🙂

  10. Alan Thrasher

    Not even the bands from the 80’s sounds so 80’s

  11. He Was Dead When I Got There

    Gay and not very original

  12. mariangoldenville

    Sounds like a Song for a Rocky soundtrack, nice!

  13. Alex Haskett

    Cannot wait to get my hands on the new record!

    I'm with my fellow commentor, Jon Hunt. They're my favourite band in the world!

  14. XxDarkShadowxX SD

    very catchy !!

  15. Giovane Mello

    Newww album,cherrs from brazil i love this band <3

  16. Miguel Ángel Diaz

    The Flight goes to 80's

  17. cramx3

    Love it, the US is awaiting your arrival at ProgPower!

  18. Brian Asciak

    Bjorn nice earing. always look forward to NFO videos

  19. Daniel Ott

    I effin love it 😀

  20. Deep Purple Theatre

    Perfect !


    So great !!! See you on March in Villeurbanne… Rock'On !!!

  22. Melodic power-speed metal

    These discoish 80s synths are like infection lately.

  23. chris d

    Got the same vibe as Ghost

  24. Rasmus Espset

    Love it! A little derivative of The Nurturing Glance perhaps? Anyone else hear this? 😅

  25. dabra abraka

    Songs like this could make more better this sick world.

  26. Some Kind of Master

    Everything Björn sings in is gold

  27. Jon Hunt

    it sounds hyperbolic to call these guys "my favorite band in the world" but I'm super tempted to just say that and get it over with.


  28. Matthew Bailey

    I thought Speed was gonna oversee Nancy Kerrigan getting her revenge.

  29. Nuclear Blast Records

    Welcome onboard, folks. Enjoy the flight!

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