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  1. Franchescas G.

    I can’t get out of the vid

  2. Animation Studios!

    im terrified-…

  3. Alain White

    It's not necessarily the hospital's fault, Venezuela has been going through a crisis since like 2012, there are shortages of everything. Even normal hospitals are bad.

  4. MICHELLE Parks

    Why do I only feel sorry for children?? And animals.

  5. Teresa Dudman

    I thought we were treated badly in the uk 😯 X x

  6. nushin youssefian

    IS ANYONE doing anything about it!? they are not animals!!!

  7. dirk diggler

    another trashy journalistic masterpiece

  8. ay ja

    This did not need to be 360

  9. Kang Yuan

    Welcome to free healthcare.

  10. Boomboy Boomboy

    This is so sad

  11. Kacper The gamer

    2:27 this guy is like ooo a camera

  12. Happinefe

    How can we help emilia?

  13. Esmeralda Jones

    Bro the way this video is got me shooook I’ve never had a video like that

  14. Anne James Olsen

    I think they think some are that far gone they are not helping these are the ones that need treating and all fat nurses are eating but not the poor I’ll

  15. Anne James Olsen

    It’s so sad but you have to look at the hole country it’s a total mess !

  16. Alexandra Robbins

    it looks like a jail! not a mentle hosptail

  17. Karen T

    I would request a mercy killing myself.

  18. Karen Carr

    send OAC over there; she wants socialism and a country to control. Please God help these poor people !!!

  19. jordan

    how socialism looks like

  20. knight synister

    360 degree video

  21. Anne Jacobsen

    Awful. I suffer from depression and dread to think what would happen if i didnt take my medication….. i would probably be bedritten and suicidal 😭😰

  22. Icon Lacanaria

    That is not a hospital. That's a jail.

  23. Chey000 0

    That room at minute 2:00 would drive any human crazy! I am looking at it through my phone getting claustraphobia

  24. Firestrike gaming

    1:30 what the !!,!!,l!

  25. supermelodia

    You see the woman saying: "I am not crazy, I am hungry". You can see their arms skeleton.

  26. Vi Hobbs

    There but for the Grace of God will go our country, IF the Socialist/DemocRat party has it's way… Venezuela was a thriving rich country before Socialism took over… Wake up America..!!

  27. Sofia Dipinto

    I was in a mental hospital at 5 years old for 1 Year

  28. Certa

    360 videos have been out for years

  29. Karis Yeo

    It looks like a Jail not hospital

  30. Den Nya Lennart Bladh

    This is why i dont think Theres any help
    Ive been doing self Harm pretty much everyday for weeks now head hurts doing head banging on Wall and I got neck problems after
    Ayy ive been in mental hospitals and ive never gotten better after being there over 5 times in Few yrs its not worth being locked up and there no help..
    This society/system treat US like criminals

  31. nicksmalldick

    this is crazy i got a button to look around i can see behind me and even the ceiling creepy stuff i got scared when that nurse walked in out of nowhere

  32. CanadaCommunity Org

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    than what you call service to God. God has no need of your service. Please https://www.thevenusproject.com/ man, you please God.

    Sathya Sai Baba

  33. Shoan Blevins

    These are horrible conditions! Dare democrats to try and make 🇺🇸 a socialist country! No way!

  34. Pernell13489

    That is sad that they do not have enough to eat and probably do not get very little to drink. this is why I opted for euthanasia for myself if I become unable to care for myself. We treat our pets more humanely than we do people. if I knew where to send things I would send them some donations although I know it would be a pittance compared to what they need. I love the 360 view, so cool!

  35. glamgurl

    Yes I can move the screen!!!!!!! …. wait a minute am I going crazy?

  36. Giovanni Mahoney

    This is the most depressing thing I’ve seen in ages. Why did I watch this?

  37. JANA & KOKO ' s World

    Am i the only who can move the screen?

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