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  1. Sunshine Dae

    Communism is SATANIC!

  2. dlysele

    "Why wouldn't you let them go?"
    Well, you know why lol.

  3. John Doe

    Thank goodness the police force is keeping the public safe from these sponsored terrorists and rioters. Otherwise, these tyrants and maniacs would have caused even more deaths and damages to the institution and the society.

  4. Sherina Gurung

    crazy.. why they cry for student? the student is destroy everything. where is your heart and eyes? they are not make hkg save, they make hkg scary place

  5. CC Chan

    they are terrorists.. not students.. u idiots

  6. Christ Jin

    Being a member of the armed Police force. Personally, I don’t care about what people are protesting for, all I care is: they broke the law, they will be punished.

  7. 稀里哗啦啦

    "Let the student go?"
    They never know how hard the revulotion is, before now.

  8. Simon Co

    Happy to see all the rioters are arrested, to keep Hong Kong safety.

  9. Madlyn Hill

    Police surround Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus in stand-off with protesters 啪啪呻吟声好骚还说宝宝J8好大呀,www点555rrr333点com免费观看在线爱爱视频。只能你想不到的,没有看不到的

  10. hammerbros hexrazer

    "let the suspect go, why won't they let the suspect go"

  11. ckcheung57

    点解要俾佢哋走呢? ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Lena Lin

    These bozos really need to be locked up. Let them out, and the riots and disorder could continue for years since their plan is to destroy society.

  13. Cyber.demon81

    When you see your mom crying don’t pleaing, do you actually think you’re doing something right? These rioters should be prisoners and clean up the city they trash

  14. Lena Lin

    Ah! Nancy Pelosi’s “beautiful scenery” in full view for the whole world to see.

  15. eastern2western

    They realize that there is no respawning.

  16. 刘海波

    They used the flag of usa…..what are shame in Hong Kong….this people who forget where they comefrom…u guys are Chinese…

  17. Amy Wen

    Destroy Hongkong… make Hongkong just like Syria. Then migrate to Germany. Yeah.

  18. wai wong

    点解唔俾佢哋走 ?冇人唔俾佢哋走啊 !!投降咪得啰。。。

  19. Jiawei Ke

    Poly tech nic ke ting? (nicotine)? Does a fake anna expect me to respect her or him or it? While the people above want to blame me? I am telling you Italians! I feel absolutely angry and just want to poke you all and make you have a chronic heart failure!

  20. John Doe

    These terrorists have no remorse when it comes to destroying public or other people's properties, and even must add insult to the victim by leaving sarcastic apology because they feel they will not be caught nor face the consequence.

    The death of the innocent 70-year old man at the hands of these terrorists although tragic but it serves a higher cause. It clearly revealed the true nature of this crisis. These radicals are nothing but cold blooded murderers and terrorists, and they have no remorse for all their violent acts.
    Can't wait to round them up and wipe the smirk off their face.

  21. Dan Lau

    i Think in future No other companies dare to employ staff from HongKong University

  22. Amin Djunaidy

    It's time for reconcilition..and unite to face the world and don't want to be incited to riots again..because the world wants you to destroy the country if it. Destroys our future and our children have no future…

  23. 清平小影

  24. mowlous

    Here is that sad truth to all those in HK dreamers that hope they can get HK independent. You can't.

  25. John Robertson

    Hong Kong police are traitors

  26. hansolo189 -

    Seems like they are willing to die for democracy

  27. long thong Lee

    H K rioting cockroach using university as fortress is like French lost war in diem birn phu sooner or later they will give up to.Police waiting for arrest

  28. Tung Ming

    The amount of people on YouTube that cannot spell properly is truly astonishing!

  29. Ajisen Ramen

    3:05 “why don’t you let them escape?” X2
    Umm because they have committed a crime and have been offered peaceful surrender many times.
    A society that allows crime to go unchecked is a society without rule of law.

  30. Hun Kheng Loh

    The parents who supported their 'children-students' to terrorise the police were real morons. Should exterminate them as well.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Why isn't the the South China Morning Post reporting on the protestors being loaded on trains to China???

  32. Michael Taylor

    Lots of WUMAO ON POSTS! Great job CHINABOTS!

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