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  1. Miley Flores

    I saw a flower horn fish

  2. ILike Beanies

    No one:
    Not a soul:

    Aquarium documentary:

  3. FireAngel Z

    One thing I don't get about this movie. The shark is talking about getting the reef to be a protected place, no fishing etc.
    I watched the first movie and I'm pretty sure I remember them saying that the reef was already a protected area.

  4. Benedict Ntekor

    Nostalgia made this look a lot more better in my head.

  5. Kortney Hawthorn

    Man I love these movies

  6. Essence Bullock

    Laiooooo NBC bbsnjdna seas mZ njijzjnxsjndd SDs jdjdkp Da Cass ying

  7. Javier Twdg

    52:29 Ronny:hear me out (pi in his head) fuck that IM GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT

  8. Crispy Cookie

    ok i am 48 seconds in the video and i can tell its bad XD

  9. kimnchevy ethridge

    love bite? wait a minute wut…

  10. Steven Universe

    Shark's tale totally DOESN'T exist. 😐

  11. your typical asian

    7:57 it’s time for war sharks

  12. King Boko


  13. Chip McGee Fudgehog

    Pi: Well they can ALL have a taste of this pie!

    Troy: Oh boy what flavor?

    Pi: Pie flavor.

    A pie flies out of his body as epic rock music starts playing.

  14. TV AwesomeParodys

    Me: Mom, can we have Finding Dory at home?
    Mom: We have Finding Dory at home.
    Finding Dory At Home:

  15. Ysabel _Yl

    Yo wtf is dis

  16. Clark98

    Why is this PG-13 again? Haha

  17. Ice Playz

    Uhmmm I just realized this channel has 91.2 million subs…….. that’s actually almost pewdiepie lvl past five minute crafts to!

  18. khadija yasmin

    Omg I almost forgot about this movie

  19. Ayaan Imran

    best movie ever thank you You Tube

  20. Shannon Hitchner

    Great movie 👍👍👏👏 👏

  21. Beautiful Treehouse

    meh its Okb.

  22. Dream CasterJo

    why is this PG-13 ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._.

  23. Luciano Guerra

    It's not as good as the first one. But it's not bad. I like the long journey's of traveling under the sea. Almost makes me feel like I'm home. Thank you Loader.

  24. Fast n Out

    Dude how is the blue shark holding a rubix cube and a bunch of lockpicks without finger

  25. Fast n Out

    The sad part is that I have a DVD version of this movie😢

  26. Nicholas Bongiorno


  27. Nicholas Bongiorno


  28. CrowdFourteen


  29. Riley Darbonne

    to me this movie is two hours!

  30. Nicholas Bongiorno


  31. Nicholas Bongiorno

    2:34 Troy: beat it squirt

  32. ErikLew

    there should have been a scene where one fish shoots a shark and its like totally uncensored.

  33. I_Said I'm_Food

    Why is this PG-13 I'm allowed but, srsly?

  34. Natasha

    1:20:18 RIP

  35. trusty Nguyen

    Ripped off version of Nemo

  36. Blueflight

    I can see why this is free

  37. How to play game easy For kids

    That that stupid Ronny is a dick

  38. lizzie elizabeth

    wait this is pg 13 😭😭

  39. Bailey Angus

    Rest in peace

  40. Woomyand Veemo

    This is…. a questionable movie

  41. audrey rathja


  42. Trina Ellerbe

    That shark ate the crab hat

  43. Samantha Mize

    It’s nice that YouTube let’s you watch movies and thay have a hol entire channel for them

  44. Sonic Son

    Troy is a scary shark


    How is this movie PG 13

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