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  1. jorge chacon

    I remember seeing this while at kindergarten and I miss it so much lol

  2. Reagan T

    I don’t remember the reef being this bad

  3. Max Ridi TV

    Not even like 5 minutes in and we get a nemo reference

    okay sammy

  4. Cece Gee


  5. Callmeh Fernando

    Here’s my childhood

  6. Natanael Gutierrez

    Mate this is copying finding memo. They are acting like we stupid

  7. Adly Cats

    If y’all have a Netflix subscription search up Son of Aladdin

    How did it become a movie on Netflix
    I’m disappointed

  8. Carkiller89 563

    Looks like a arcade game

  9. iitz Ph0enix

    @KnightlyBM do you remember this movie

  10. W1nd1nz z

    That seal is CREEPY

  11. Rock n Lyrics

    I don't remember this movie being so weird and the graphics being off when I was younger-

    I hate it

  12. It’s Cat ears

    Huh I never released how the graphics and the art was a bit worse than I remembered

  13. Gaige Thompson

    2:21 the a reef rated G

    This whole movie looks like a cutscene of a game

  14. Emma Leigh


  15. Soulio

    A free movie? Cool

  16. Brittany McCormack

    Sc TV. Bggyhh


  17. thomastube54

    Eh reef 2 is better


    Who watched this in kindergarden

  19. Nemo Dog

    Honestly, I love this movie

  20. That person sitting over there


  21. Loud Animate

    NEMO NO!

  22. Artist Assassin

    I honestly thought this was part 2 in the beginning. The fish's smile tho…

  23. Whim_Z

    Finding nemo may be one of my favorite disney movies of all time…

    But the reef will always stay in a part of my h e a r t

  24. xxLaylaNovaxx

    Me and my sister used to watch this all the time when we were little i remember every line and scene from this movie, iconic for me.

  25. iridescent xedit

    Anybody else feel kinda bad…no…just me?

  26. TheRealSmiley

    i love how the background and props look like they're from a ps2 game

  27. Keemanee Dickens

    Actually, I'm postponing the agony.

  28. Pamela Crowley

    Please let me ask you how to get to the free movies

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