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  1. אלעד

    Tnx man, you helped a lot!

  2. Shanoob Shanu

    Good video

  3. Shanoob Shanu


  4. Adithya sasi

    . Love from India, you did awsome

  5. Nigel Guliver

    Couldn´t quite pay attention to the instructions. You are gorgeous!

  6. Czekuś

    I try one time and this is easy 😀
    I can do like 30cm height

  7. Benjamin Phiri

    Do a muscle up video

  8. mr man

    You have the body I always wanted.

  9. KuP4y

    Training on the flying carpet… like a superman.

  10. Akshay Bansal

    Thanx for full tutorial , will try this

  11. armando carrillo


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