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  1. Tracy Daniel


  2. Diane T

    What about almost clear?

  3. Randy Jimenez

    Brown means you’re dehydrated

  4. Game Time


  5. shayeed butt

    Total waste of time. How many people watching this did a pee in red, blue or green colour

  6. Reggie Wagstaff

    Is it true that black people’s urine is rosy in color and smells like Courvoisier?

  7. Dino Carlucci

    Whats Diana Ross doing here.

  8. Poppy Rose

    Yeah not too helpful. All the extremes none of the usual variances people experience.

  9. Marisa Young

    This is rubbish….

  10. Bluewren Reilly

    Is he even a doctor or just another pretty boy (and he is good-looking) wanting tv time.

  11. Dinah Mattos

    While taking vitamins your urine will be very bright yelllow. It should clear up as you take water throughout the day. Your urine may be turbid if you have kidney or bladder infection.It may contain blood if you have kidney stones causing damage to kidneys , urethers, bladder or urethra. It may also be tainted with menstrual discharge. In cases of infection sometimes there is also pain over bladder area, kidney area, or burning in the urethra.At times there might be some elevated temperature. The " normal urine is of a light yellow color and is clear. No sediment whatsoever. This info is from General bedside observation.

  12. John Doe’s grandpa

    “its all about the peepee”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Anthony Johnson

    GOOD video

  14. lola brini

    when comments on youtube teach you more than the specialist on the actual video🙈😂🙄haha

    thankyoutube commentators!!!!

  15. ratsgaming

    He didnt mention that red can also be caused by menstruation

  16. fairymairah

    Interesting ! ! ! ! !

  17. Emergency ready !

    Bblluueeee pppeeee ??

  18. Stacey Calder

    what if your urine is clear a lot is that bad?

  19. Simone Cole

    Very informative

  20. Confucius Say

    why dont people say normal color is apple juice. saying straw color is confusing

  21. Samantha Peterson

    He’s all over the place He sucks🙄👎🏻

  22. Naturally Gifted

    Regular girl is 30 bucks!

  23. Happy Emmy

    He didn’t mention that all those colours but yellow can be caused by drug use lol

  24. Noah Bickett

    The fact that he says amber yellow is what you want, really makes me question if he even knows what exactly he's talking about. Amber yellow is actually bad. It means your dehydrated, it's not severe but it means you need to really push good fluids, mainly water. Urine should be clear or a very light yellow. Anything at or darker than the shade of lemons means you're not getting enough water. Trust me I'm a heart transplant patient of 24 years, and hydration was and sometimes still is a problem for me. Was always admitted for it too because it was really bad.

  25. rvpstudios studios

    WOW! Good to know. Thanks for posting.

  26. Anusha Sinha

    He looks like Ryan Gosling .

  27. xkristixx

    Bonus fun fact: You can pee neon orange if you take Azo to control pain of a UTI.

  28. nurul soheil

    Media ….entertaining. …rating …unnecessary topics vs real education information !!!! 4 minutes is not a joke. …you can learn lots of valuable information in this time ….

  29. Joe F42

    If you pee dark one day and light other day?

  30. Fanta


  31. microspect

    My pee is always clear! Is that dangerous

  32. ermias gebreab

    She is so sexy

  33. Snake Bandits

    He looks like rafe from uncharted 4

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