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  1. Lao Mark

    very well presented Bruce. I know you are very knowledgeble for decades and have followed your presentations and interviews on YouTube for a while. Question: how do we join/ participate of this 3 stage program about Taoist meditation? pls let me know schedules etc. Thank you indeed. Lao

  2. David Bell

    I spent the first 1/2 of my meditation years almost completely shut off from the body and emotions. Being with my breath did not bring my mind into my body. Mindfulness was being in my outward senses with no body sense. Bruce and Reggie Ray are the few who understand that embodiment is much more of what modern people need than some higher awareness state.

  3. Energy Arts

    They are different series, but the Taoist Meditation Circle can be found on the website as well by googling "Taoist Meditation Circle" and looking at the top two results (one is a description and one is sign up page for the program).
    I will also message the URL to you as youtube does not allow them to be in comments.
    Sorry for the late reply!

  4. Ray Deady

    Thank you Bruce. I am very interested in your Taoist Meditation Circle program. I was trying to find it on your website (Energy Arts). Is it the same program as the Letting Go series? Thanks again

  5. Gregory Casey

    you cant buy or sell well-being.

  6. Mokkari77

    this is the most Un- New Yorker i seen Kumar Speak in youtube so far, he is scary speaking like this

  7. David G

    Love your books

  8. Daniel Hyde

    meditation is awareness =) at first then using that awareness you come to realize how to relax and let go =)

  9. maad901

    well written, well read

  10. Energy Arts

    Hi Mark,

    This program contains over 16 hours of in-depth Taoist meditation instruction for under £50.

    energyarts "dot" com/taoist-meditation-circle-subscription

    That equals the cost of a cup of coffee @ Starbucks per hour of valuable and rare teachings, a more than reasonable exchange…

  11. Aaron Hess

    I hope this is the first part of a series.

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