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  1. KevinDawson Music Variety

    0:17 dat girl be the rite kind of thicc <3 i want to be her dog

  2. Davida Lawson

    I Like All These Videos.

  3. The Imp0ssible

    Buy dog whitie. Don't have children.

  4. Cranjis McBasketball

    That one pup looked exactly like Hooch! Dogs are great for mental health as well. Poor mental health can lead to physical consequences.

  5. northerniltree

    A dog will help you get through the loneliness of being the last person alive on this burning Earth.

  6. drumtwo4seven

    Ya until he/she craps in your house and pees on your carpet… "Good dog"


  7. David Ellis

    I like a 🐕 but prefer a 🐱 because they are more independent. Use the litter box.

  8. chronicle realm


  9. Nick Arjomand

    Seriously NBC? The amazon is burning!!!!!!!

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