The Taoist priest who lived at the 118-year-old Tao Zijian formed a stunning form of Wudang martial arts.

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Lu Zijian is known for his outstanding achievements in internal martial arts, Taoist alchemy, Qigong, Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese painting. Since these advantages are concentrated in the same body and mind, Lu Zijian has reached a vibrant and bright spirit of 118 years.

In 2002, Lu was awarded 9 paragraphs [the highest score in the Chinese martial arts ranking system].

Huo Yuanjia was not only a very famous martial artist of his time, but Lu Zijian and the late master Huo were brothers, they were brothers. They jointly attacked the monopoly influence of foreign freight companies, which were first the Yangtze River and then Shanghai. Later they joined the ranks of China against the Japanese army. He killed three Japanese martial arts experts in the duel. When attacking the Japanese army, Lu’s wife was killed. He killed a foreign boxer named Marshall with one palm. Lu Zijian’s name developed very fast. Chiang Kai-shek [Jiang Jieshi] led the Kuomintang’s Chinese military and political leaders to appoint him as a star general and headguard [the generals of Jiang had thirteen bodyguards], all of whom were his disciples].

During the liberation of China, Lu did not follow the army left by Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan. He chose to stay in mainland China. He lived in the labor camp in the 1970s. But later he served as the chairman of the Chongqing Northern Wushu Federation, the general director of the Chongqing Municipal Headquarters in Wushu, the chairman of the Chongqing Chinese Medical Association, the president of the Sichuan Wushu Association, and the director of the China Region. Wushu Institute…

In 1982, he won the gold medal winner of the Golden Lion National Wushu Championship. He won a special gold medal at the Emeishan Boxing Championships in 1984. In 1985, he served as the president of the International Association of Gongfa. In 1994, the chief consultant of the International Qigong Association received the gold medal senior talent awarded by the State Sports General Administration of China in 2000. The Wushu Department of the Ministry of Sports of China awarded him the title of “Chinese Wushu Leadership” and won the highest award in nine paragraphs in 2002. He is the honorary chairman of the China Wudang Wushu Federation.

His contribution as a TCM treatment specialist for bone injuries has been widely recognized because he has successfully treated several patients throughout China.

In addition to his teaching skills, his chivalrous and generous temperament has enabled him to train thousands of disciples, including foreign students, some of whom are even more famous, have their own martial arts schools, and make "self-built" martial arts. Continue. Everyone is under the leadership of Mr. Wang Qinghua. In 1986, he was hired as the chief consultant of the International Qigong Society. In the same year, he was appointed Deputy General Director of the Wudang Martial Arts Development Center, California General Counsel. Since the implementation of the national martial arts ranking system, Mr. Lu has participated in the long-term task of modifying Chinese martial arts teaching and training together with the other nine top experts of Chinese martial arts.

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  2. Christopher Garland

    How could a video of a man who is 118 get downvoted 463 times, seriously wtf

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    so cool

  4. Grand master almost avatar

  5. R76196

    My friends, The spirituality is the key. Because of this we have to be more spiritual people, such as this venerable man and other taoists. It is urgent because we are living in the doomsday. Very soon, it will happen terrible events (wars, climate catastrophes, etc.), and only the spiritually ready people will can be the supervivients. I tell you what will happen, I tell you how you can work spiritual to save you. Search thsi youtube channel: "Bouddhata". This youtube channel is our answer.

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    Woo, dang, hahahaha

  7. Peedinkus

    Pure bullshit. Some people will believe anything.

  8. Sandeep Mb

    Amazing fitness

  9. Paul Tremblay

    Where is the proof for his age, no one ever lived over 116

  10. Kunta Kinte

    I can barely do the running man and this guy did a whole performance at a 118

  11. Rainy Sand

    Lu Zi Jian (呂紫劍) 1893-2012. Rest in Peace.

  12. SpeedyYuom

    i can do that hold my tea

  13. Pastor Peewee

    No way that man was or is 120yrs old, where the birth certificate please?

  14. Baffling Bulls

    What did he do in 118 years? why i never heard of him?

  15. delllia2 delllia2

    amazing, minunat, exceptional, 118 ani????

  16. tofik rahman

    Super inspiration.

  17. jay_frank_

    you know a lot of qi has been accumulated in a body when their movements are leaving tracers like this man

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    I hope I'm this energetic at 55. Sheesh. *wiggles In chair*

  19. allabout

    God his moves are light asf

  20. Legend Sasquatch

    He moves quite awfully slow for a master..I would of killed the poor old fool by now.


    the big picture of life can be seen now, just google 'truth contest' and click on the first link then read the present. The present is stronger than any conception of qi itself, if you attach you spiritual development first than anything else all the other goals will come just brightly.

  22. comedia de intervencao

    if he's so good how come he died already

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    I ❤️ Gung Fu Wizards… serving up some mean throat chops, what an amazing legend.👊

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    sai ram wszystkim

  25. Blazipete 135

    all these people calling his age bullshit…smh he sied at 118 in 2012, this video looks at least 30 years old.

  26. Blazipete 135

    This guy, Lu Zijian, was one of the few legit grandmasters. At his prime he earned a reputation traveling around China fighting gangs and bandits. He later served as the personal bodyguard of Chiang Kai-Chek, leader of the Republic of China.Throughout his life he's reported to have killed many of his opponents in duels, including 3 Japanese martial artists. Look him up, dude's lit.

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    what one projects, one receives…law of nature.

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    Nobelist Path
    2 Words Trying to be come one.

  29. Nick Stefanyshin

    If he was born in 1893 there should be a record of it. my grandmother was born that year and died in 1987 at 93 years old.

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    was watching the young audience with eyes elsewhere in the first part of the vid … sure its a tournament … but ….

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