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  1. Cosmo

    Will they really insist on calling off the deal for HK ? As we know it, Trump will even throw Pence under the bus.

  2. 肉红烧

    What a mess

  3. Joanne Cocchiaro

    Do not roll back tariffs, don't make anything easy for china .they don't deserve it . after what they did to the protesters, and they continue to do to the people.if they roll back China's tariffs and don't pass Congress bill on human rights , I will not be voting for you for president.

  4. Hail King Devin

    CCP evil

  5. Priscilla Fung

    We called CCP mainlanders are 5 cents. They are all brain washed. 1.4 billion people are fooled by CCP. Great! HKHRDAct passed. God bless America!

  6. Ashura

    Stop agreeing to Chinese demand they are going to destroy America!

  7. Bill Christian

    The idiot Trump has another miserable failure, and has lots the war completely. When you are the dumbass President, he still believes he has won and won big time for farmer's welfare forever. The same with almost everything China use to buy is better priced now from the rest of their trading partners. No need to go backwards and make any permanent deal with the untrustworthy Trump.

  8. Bee be Cee

    Tell your farmers, China's not gonna buy no soybean from the US and would rather deal with Russia and Brazil.
    They ain't coming back no more.

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