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  1. Purple Ghost

    Pretty much how I see it
    Hong Kong: USA back us up here, this is not fair!
    USA: Well…
    China: Don't you dare, or no more trading
    USA: whoa, whoa, whoa lets not get crazy now, maybe we can work this out

  2. C Tse

    Hong Kong ranked the 3rd freest place in the world. The USA, 17th.

  3. Weird Austin

    This just show how much u.s have integrity. Good job..

  4. Michelle Kho

    china government is CHILDISH. dont accept opinions and protests and make revenge if he is upset.

  5. X Y

    Interesting timing, I wonder if this means the US now has the upper hand in the trade talk.

  6. Chua SC

    USA is totally hyprocritical by supporting acts of masked criminals. They are in fact condoning acts of terrorism so the world should impose sanctions on USA to let them have a taste of their own medicine. USA is biggest bully famous for imposing sanctions

  7. Trendy Brown

    Japan hates the CCP. Korea hates the CCP. Hong Kong hates the CCP. Taiwan REALLY hates the CCP. The Chinese dictatorship isn’t making a lot of friends. But their $0.50 army sure makes a splash on YouTube.

  8. SimplyOne

    The female reporter seemed so happy the chaos happened in HK, look at her smile – creepy

  9. petter wong

    USA is great to stand for the righteousness against the evil China!!

  10. Demolition Man999

    USA has a perfect human rights track record. 🤣👍

  11. Unlicensed Pharmacist

    China is going down. you know they are in trouble when they fired Jack Ma

  12. Dashuai Li

    Very biased news! Sad CNBC.

  13. john brown

    China: "bark bark bark"
    USA: smack 🐶 with HK human rights bill.

  14. John Lee

    US is playing fires.

  15. Oat Gnoix

    Hongkong idiots needs to be shipped to China

  16. Retro Nick

    China is upset because they don't want to practice basic human rights. Let that sink in….

  17. TJ Koch

    The U.S. government meddling in the affairs of others is directly related to the hatred that is directed towards us. The implications of this is war and everyone should be reminded that nobody wins when it comes to war, it's just death and destruction.

  18. Randy Nasworthy

    Anyone who doesn’t understand why people are rioting, please, go move to Hong Kong and enjoy your new Chinese government

  19. KiatLeong Len

    It looks like democratic HK + capitalist system have failed in HK.

  20. Samuel Day

    How can the USA question someone else about human rights when people are being held in cages on the border, police are killing unarmed civilians, and we abandon some of are closest allies.

  21. David Jacobson

    Can anyone look at the videos of protest actions in Hong Kong without concluding that they are riots? What is the American reaction to Russians meddling in American politics? How would Americans respond if Russians tried to take actions that encouraged the kind of American race riot that took place in Fergeson Missouri or Charlottesville Virginia? But, Hong Kong is a long term problem for the Chinese. There is little doubt that they want to avoid having it impact China's agenda for developing its economy and its international relationships. They might want to avoid the optics of making a deal with the United States at the same time disruption in Hong Kong was particularly acute. But, American expression of support for that disruption is not likely to be a big factor in the kind of economic agreement China is willing to make.

  22. SimplyOne

    The bill actually is hurting HK, but protesters don’t care, they just hate China, even they have to pay the price by hurting China, they are still happy….lose lose situation…foolish HKer

  23. Felix W

    Will the US be willing(foolish enough) to save a bunch of hongkong idiots and make war with 1.4b chinese citizens who financially contribute to a big part of its economy? If so then be our guest.

  24. Ecology Rocks

    I don't see how this bill is going to benefit HK at all. Taking away the autonomic status of HK will just speed up Beijing's move to push HK into one country one system.

  25. freedom of riot

    from when US domestic law can rule over other countries? USA is the source of all evils as Pompeo confessed "we steal we cheat we lie…"

  26. 賈悟遠 Antony-John

    So far one boy died falling off a car park after being chased by a black clad man dressed in the fashion of “front line” protestors; one cleaner died after a brick thrown by the protestors hit his head while cleaning the rubble left by protestors; one old man was burnt alive after having an argument with the protestors; one policeman slashed in the neck being ambushed by protestors. None of that was done in self-defense. If the act applies, it should apply to those murdering civilians for political goals, textbook definition of terrorism.

  27. Cameron Yergeau

    Shut up China no one cares what you think 🤣

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