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  1. Jordan B

    Ok tell us when China's submarines catch up to ours … What are they like 10-15 years behind a slightly faster jet ain't gonna change shit. We control the oceans

  2. Andreamei Casayuran


  3. Bob King

    Actually, the kernel technology in computer was made by Chinese called Jeffrey Chuan Chu in 1946, he design the binary logic(soul of the computer), the arithmetic logic unit(core part of processor), bus for transferring data, miniaturization of computer(the pioneer of personal computer), but his famous contribution was hidden by the US for many decades.

  4. Count Rufus

    Chinese don't value international Law.Copyright and intellectual property.
    They simply steal and copy

  5. Ashura

    Stealing US Military Tech

  6. 漢武神

    religion does exist; it has, a profound Social, economic, and cultural impact
    on more than a few billion people.

    the idea is that those who believe in democracy and what rights can Never escape, that the same ideals can be used to catapult themselves towards the opposite:

    Orwellian state, Slavery of subjective experience, etc.

    a few Anglo-Saxons may think they are in control, but they are pulled pretty hard on a leash by the wealthy, who in turn, are on someone else's leash.

    democracy is a tool; it can be used both ways.

  7. Janak Vyas.Mumbai.

    China doesnot have weapons with modern technologies. much behind U.S. n Russia n EU.

  8. Nobleman Matthew A. Davis

    I can already here those vault doors opening

  9. Zbyszkoz

    China used 20 years old Russian military  technology . basic history.

  10. Hollywood

    Chinese remind me of Pakistanies

  11. cellery227

    Why so many dislikes lol are Americans getting jealous?

  12. Hobo Aquatics


  13. Taurion Martell

    maby their version actually works, and flies in rain

  14. Emmanuel Briñas

    soon US will launch their laser satellites that will counter nukes hehehe

  15. Pistonhead Riders

    This video is bullshit

  16. The communist

    J 11 are just su 27

  17. Zach P

    actually china asked russia to sell them modern jet engines so they could implement them into their stealth fighters. russia refused and offered to sell entire planes only. that simply shows that  china is decades behind needed technology. you cant simply copy. even though they copied the Su27 they failed to copy its electronics, engine and other parts that actually make that plane so incredible. it might look the same but is certainly an entirely different plane.

  18. leah matus

    Our technology is duplicated and made better by the Chinese, america is not stupid, we do not let most of the world see our technology till 20 years down The road, chances are even the f-22 was made 20 years ago, our country is famous for not showing all of our cards, we are currently sucking up Chinese resources as we'll as the middle east, united states has the most oil anywhere but yet we buy from the middle east to save our resources, to think that China will own us is funny, in the end united states will be the most resourceful country, China is quickly having population problems, technology will not save their overcrowding. U ppl seem to forget americans outsource companies to China for cheaper labor and restrictions, we don't care if the materials used to make things kill off Chinese. Like I said united states is using China for the long run and the only way to do something like that is to make them think the ball is in their court, smart ppl but america has advanced quicker than any country in the world, it took the Chinese thousands of years to get to where they are when it merely took Americans 200 years to make the most technological advances in the world, electricity, internet,superior military weapons, the fact that ppl still have to use american technology to even create theirs shows alot

  19. Godscountry

    its a copy of the F-22 but lacks a lot of the cutting edge technology,its about 50 percent of the American F-22

  20. Godscountry

    Chinese need to worry about its country not its military

  21. funkierfawn budgie

    You do realize US and Russia are top leading in the world? Both combined could literraly destroy the ehole solar system

  22. m1aws

    When I was a little kid, cheap tiny plastic toys are what came out of Japan. Everyone laughed, "Jap crap".
    Then they copied motorcycles, then cars, then electronics, aircraft and the space business…
    So who do japanese copy off now? Nobody! They lead the world…
    This is precisely how China is starting off, times 99.

    Chinese people wanted a little bit of better living. Made worse when the lease for Hong Kong was given up and they saw how well they were living.

    No busts of Mao are for sale. They supply busts of Lord Cowperthwaite instead. The father of Hong Kong.

  23. jason truong

    I'm not Chinese or American and does it matter where u r from? Whether ur American or Chinese how much do you know about your Government? And if you're saying the Russian and American are no match for the Chinese military tech then you don't look deep enough. Oh what does it gain from a military tech leap? We all end up killing ourselves, the past will repeat itself.

    What had been done will be done again,
    There's nothing new under the sun.

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