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  1. Paul Barrett


  2. UltimateBargains

    Stop rewarding communist countries with the fruits of capitalism.

  3. exorientelux

    The USA should move all US soldiers out of the Middle East and Europe and Africa. This would save billions of Dollars – money that could be spend for education in order to be able to compete with East Asia in the years to come -.

  4. kerkar sunny

    move from china and set up in south asia

  5. Gene G.

    The ONLY way to "change" or, fix China once and for all, is impose same embargo as it was done against Cuba… cheers

  6. KM Hossain


  7. Bill Ngo

    Ok people what the f*ck USA doing in Syria oils field ? Thay sure like to talk other but you never looked into your country

  8. ArielView

    The President saved us from TPP

  9. ArielView

    Forget China, they cannot be trusted, at all. Make better trade deals with India, etc.

  10. Carlton Baggett

    Most all of chinese made products are crap.

  11. Laszlo Vass

    Move out of China it is all detrimental to our future generations, that is our motivation, not stock prices.

  12. crazy crazy

    Production always goes and looks for markets. bad advice.

  13. Likmy Twat

    I have been saying this for 20 years

  14. Karol Kupec

    Cheeting in China is not cocidered emoral by many people in fact it is considered to be clever therefore China will not stop cheating. 🇺🇸💘you.

  15. 蔡生

    A bunch of idiots here

  16. 蔡生

    It is really funny. You are imaging that China have to buy soybean from your country when your farmers are going to bankrupt.

  17. frank wang

    This man is either mad or stoned.

  18. Brent Barker

    Should never have happened –

  19. TheBestWayOne

    Think about it ? much of the media news (which is a company) has reported 99 percent of the time all bad news about America First and the President who was voted into office by American voters for the policies they want. That should show anyone that they are bias and slanted that is not good for America. Slanted news should never be trusted. Just remember Nick Sandmann, and it happens all the time.

  20. TheBestWayOne

    Made In The USA better fairer , stop the slave wage crap and the people that support it. No TPP. Think about it ?

  21. K C Koay

    Truth be told, waging Trade War and hoping to bring China to its knees is a function of misconception, and strategic miscalculation.

    China's 2018 merchandise trade surplus of $360 billion (export: $480 billion; import: $120 billion), did not include, (i) some $158 billion in aggregate profits made by the top 20 U.S. companies in the S&P 500 from their operations in China; and (ii) over $20 billion in charges paid by China for the use of American intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, and franchises). In sum, the actual deficit in China’s favor was not as bad as the U.S. portrayed it to be.

    For those bigots who would not reason, it serves to reflect and take a cue from: (1) the overwhelming evidence of China’s unwavering resolve and action to defend world trade and global supply chain; and (2) the way the Chinese companies are rising to the challenge with their solemn and progressive attitude towards business. To the Chinese, good business strategy has never been a zero sum game.

    When the Trump administration was coming down on Huawei, with all its national and geopolitical might, its CEO, Ren Zhengfei magnanimously said to the western media:

    “The American companies are our strategic partners. They were our teachers. Although our dependence on them today is no more as profound, we will continue to buy from them, and work with them, if permitted.”

    Starbucks, which has long dominated the Chinese coffee market, currently has over 4,000 stores spread across 160 cities in the country. To top that, the company has announced plans to build 600 new stores annually over the next five years in China to double the number of its existing stores to 6,000 by 2022 across 230 cities.

    McDonald's in Beijing opened in 1992, and today it has 2,700 restaurants, with an ambitious plan to increase that to 4,500 by 2022. There are over 5,900 KFC outlets in more than 1,000 Chinese cities. Pizza Huts, on the other hand, operates 2,000 outlets. In fact, Yum!Brand, which owns both KFC and Pizza Huts, is so bullish about China’s market that they’re planing to rollout 2 restaurants on a daily basis!

    At its sales peak in 2017, General Motor sold over 4 million vehicles in China. That is 42% of its total sales worldwide, and 1 million units more than what it had sold in the US in the same period!

    Nike’s sales in China increased by 21% to $5.1 billion in 2018, or 15% of its global sales of $34.5 billion. Whereas its sales in the US had decreased by 2%.

    China made up 13.8% of Boeing’s (which competes directly with Airbus) $100 billion revenues in 2018.

    Intel’s sales to China in the meantime, grew by 27% year-on-year to $18.8 billion in 2018, or 27% of its sales worldwide. In the case of Qualcomm, their dependent on China’s market is even more profound; with $15.1 billion or 67% of its 2018 sales revenue coming from China.

    Tell these American CEOs to move their operation out of China, to perhaps ?

    While China continues to open up their market, and allow these American companies to prosper; the United States by comparison, did just the opposite by going to great lengths to put Chinese companies like ZTE, and Huawei out of business.

    The Chinese in fact, should seriously consider to adopt the same American’s despotic behavior and strategy?

  22. Nancy Simmons


  23. Gary Sumlin

    Jack up the price on the beaches

  24. Rock Brentwood

    Double the tax credit if they move to Taiwan, where sits the sole legitimate government of China – the Republic of China. In addition, lessen tariffs against foreign countries that do the same.

  25. joe wood

    How long has newt kept quiet about Epstein?? He had to know, was he on flight logs too????

  26. Roman Chan

    This guy is insane while lossing trade balance with China

  27. SM vhh

    i from chengdu,china,im a 15 year old chinese student

    I don't want to discuss this video content, but I can see that there are obvious prejudice and self-imagining. lol

    I have been to the USA and UK, the quality of the people is low, the infrastructure is backward, and the technical facilities are also behind. The store doesn't even have a QR code.The streets are dilapidated and racially discriminatory.
    Only wages are 50% higher than China
    ,I was serious. I went to San Francisco and New York in 2016 (the basics were too bad) and went to London in 2018 (my Givenchy baseball uniform was stolen near the British Museum), the streets of London are old.

  28. sealtrader

    These americunts are just pathetic ! I'm speechless. Trashing on your own biggest creditor. You're hopeless.

  29. foot ball

    China definitely able to survive without US products but I not sure US could survive without China products…Better ask Newt Gingrich to check his own underwear which country it came from ?? Or maybe he doesn't wear any …

  30. Jeff Sutthoff

    But without China it will be harder to boost corporate profits! Can’t have that!

  31. Gaydy Donley

    Uncle China bail us out the last time and Trump wants to put tariffs on their products? Ok America. They've already announced that we're on our on the next time we need help!! Now, since China or nobody else in the world wants to loan us money, Hey, its collapse time. Wanna know when we collapse what our government has planned for US during the collapse because we WILL collapse this very next time? Nothing nice for the American people. YouTube Ice agent's suicide note and Rex 84. Leave Babylon America.

  32. IamDoogy

    A lot of the supposed "free traders" in the GOP (this includes President Bush) have always convinced themselves that trading with China would magically civilize them.
    Of course, the bloodthirsty Communists, the Tiananmen Square murderers, are incapable of being civilized.
    In fact, they're becoming WORSE. Their president has declared himself "president for life" and they sell organs taken from "criminals".
    Does that sound like progress in civilizing the Chinese Communists?

  33. Gaydy Donley

    The Chinese BAILOUT the US with the 2008 750. Billion dollar stimulus package!! Take away our products from China and once we need another loan, they've already said that they WONT bail US out again!!! What the hell are we going to do then when we ask China for another loan and they say no? People, nobody nowhere in the world wants to BAILOUT bully America ok so people prepare for the collapse of our economy and I hope you all have firearms to protect yourself once the collapse takes place and the government round us all up starting around 4am in the morning!! Dont believe nothing I'm saying about how the government has plans and finalized their plans to round us all up during the collapse? Ok, everyone YouTube or Google Ice Agent's Suicide Note. Goodbye my beautiful country.

  34. IamDoogy

    No TPP!!!
    Thank God, President Trump saved us from that nightmare.
    Newt is right. We can do this bilaterally.
    TPP was always a TROJAN HORSE to give us the equivalent of the EU. The EU is becoming a super state.
    These huge, complex trade agreements require that we give up SOVEREIGNTY to TRADE COMMISSIONS.
    I'm surprised that Steve Forbes is falling for that.

  35. Backed by Gold

    The United States needs to restart, firstly the American need to dissolve AIPAC.
    The federal reserve has to be under the control of USA government & not under those private bankers who just issue IOU and loan it to the government instead.
    The USD need to be back on the Bretton Woods monetary system agreement, backed by the Gold standard and not backed by oil that does not belongs to the USA.
    Most importantly go for the creation of wealth with real sustainable growth and ditch that dammed petrodollars system!

  36. Backed by Gold

    John F Kennedy was killed for trying to save future generations of Americans by going against the central bank system and the privately owned federal reserve.
    Average Americans do not realise who actually own the federal reserve who just issue money and loan it to their government.
    Now with 22 trillions in debts mainly due USA imperial military spending.
    The USA government is obeying the Zionist plan (AIPAC) for a greater Israel occupation.
    The world is starting to ditch that dammed petrodollars and drop all those treasury bonds!

  37. Kim Anh Tran

    Down with Communist China!! Boycott all China products!! Buy American product hide American worker

  38. Backed by Gold

    USA now claims that China stole 5G technology from the USA which they do not even have that yet?
    Or the high speed rails and AI technologies from USA which they still lacking behind?
    They had accused Japan of stealing their technology before back in the 70s..
    But actually the USA stole automotive and industrial technologies from Europe in the past and they even stole Attack helicopters technology from the previous Soviet Union.

  39. Backed by Gold

    These countries cheated, killed, invaded and colonised & monopolies the resources of other countries in the guise of democracy, freedom & later human rights.
    Spain & Portugal 400 years ago, Holland & Denmark 300 years ago, Britain & France 200 years ago, Germany & Japan 150 years ago, United States 100 years ago and Australia 40 years ago.
    And Britain was the worst of the maritime colonialists.
    When India regained independence, the British orchestrated the spit of west & east Pakistan from India and also don’t forget the unfair treaty from the opium wars in China ended in the control of Hong Kong by the British for 150 years.
    In the North & South America continent, there is the west occupation and killings of the natives and the historical treatment of slaves especially of the African descendants.
    Both the USA today and in some instances the UK showed that they have that imperial mind set and cannot accept it was over.

  40. Backed by Gold

    Countries of the world needs to ditch that dammed petrodollars and drop all those treasury bonds for global peace and real wealth ownership.
    The whole world will be peaceful and all the people in the world will be able to enjoy what is rightfully theirs.
    Countries should prosper from their own resources and produce and not from oil that does that does not belongs to them.
    Join the BRICS countries led by Russia to ditch that dammed petrodollars and drop all those treasury bonds and backed by the gold & the silver for the betterment of the world!
    The BRICS countries will start the balls rolling in that directions!

  41. ColorGravity

    The CCP will never bother to follow any contract or agreement and will be very happy to play this talk-cheat game with America forever. This is their winning strategy and it benefited them tremendously in the past 30 years. Why they want to change? President Trump and Americans should wake up, listen to Mr. Gingrich and give up their wishful thinking.

  42. terry broderick

    the whistleblower is
    Eric Ciaramella?

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