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  1. Ash K

    Which 4 idiots think this is a bad video??

  2. Below Average

    Billionaires not a single one of them funded

  3. Raquel Correa

    I just don’t see how health care isn’t a basic human right …

  4. A L

    Vote for Andrew Yang 2020, he can fix the problem. YouTube him and watch his interviews, you will not regret it!!!

  5. Abraham Ali

    Keep the discussion going. Like I said put privatized health care in some U.S. sectors to solve this crisis.

  6. Smart Fix

    america is overcrowded and ppl living unhealthy lifestyle.. and it willbe worse n worse

  7. Barry Allen

    The mayor who was interviewed should have pushed for funding for them.

  8. This Rebel is Scum

    Unfortunately we are in a world where those in power are in a race to the bottom, all in the name of money and greed.
    This means that poverty and inequality is on the increase and more and more people are forced to turn to charity to survive, rather than be giving the support they need.

  9. HardWarUK

    The climate crisis, the economic crisis, the housing crisis, the technology crisis, the anti-biotic apocalypse crisis and the healthcare crisis together are so huge, I just can't see a solution coming in the future.

  10. Mike C.

    Someone I care about recently developed acute bronchitis and had to pay over $400 to get the medicine she needed. She also has a rare autoimmune disease(HAE) that cost over $8000 for one dose of medicine. This is wrong, many people cannot afford the cost of life saving medication they desperately need

  11. BLT4LIFE

    I laugh when the land of gluttony and sloth pretends to be concerned about health care.

  12. Reviews & Reactions w/ Mel

    God bless these volunteers. American legislators, take notes!

  13. Patricia Pearson

    Turlock California needs this very much! All we have is a mobile shower van for the homeless.

  14. Madagascar Sapphire

    Vote for Bernie Sanders 2020 !

  15. krepnata kadara

    So what's the difference between US and my world world homeland medicare at this point that you have to establish volunteer medical service to ease patient?

  16. asap xdnvsty

    Should be free

  17. Cicada Tubular

    So we will need more doctors and hospital areas! We know how to help.

  18. Barr3LtoURdome

    trumps america allowing the rich to survive and the poor to suffer

  19. Nico Fioretta

    The people who believe the US is the best country in the world, show them this!

  20. David Santiago

    The government's to help that's why we pay taxes

  21. David Santiago

    This is so nice to help people that need help we do it for animals for cats and dogs why we cannot do it for human . God bless them

  22. Isaac Prasad

    All my 26 years of being alive, I’ve never paid a cent when visiting doctors, hospital stays nothing! Once I thought I was gonna have to pay a $80 ambulance fee and I freaked out because I was broke but the doctors reassured me I can fill out a ACC form and they pay for it.

  23. Willem Van Wijk

    Such a beautiful initiative! This is done in many third world countries just like the US.

  24. The dumb yokels prefer a wall

  25. bob lazuli

    Interesting how it only happens in republican states 🤔 I live in Cali and low income households can get free healthcare

  26. Daunty 13

    When you realize that paying the taxes for universal healthcare would be far cheaper than what you pay for private healthcare…

    And thats before the copays and what not

  27. Lindsey Stein

    I had state insurance when I was first out of college and didn’t have a job, I would have had to travel 6 hours for the nearest dentist that was covered. I just didn’t go. 6 hours one way was not doable.

  28. failtolawl

    "free things are in high demand" is basically what this is saying.

  29. seekingjustthefacts

    I remembered growing-up, most of our communities did not trust the medical system for good reason. Many of us had faith in our own traditional herbalists and healers. We were eventually forced into the "death care" system, when our traditional healers were forced out of their practices because the "law" now required that they have a medical license to practice. Which of course, everyone knew they were too poor coupled with Jim Crow laws blocking them from entering medical school in any significance numbers, would make it virtually impossible. Now, we need those healers more than ever.

  30. S K

    These people dont need medication and treatment they need to eat a vegan diet to heal and be pain free you are what you eat (sick )

  31. Carlos Gaytan


  32. Jon M

    But .. but.. i thought socialist commie healthcare was evil and worse than what we have here!!

  33. Brittany Page

    What the land of the free looks like.

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