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  1. A.M. Goudarzi

    hi Stef,
    thanks a lot for the comment. actually I'm not fund of computer games either, I've only played two computer games in my life, Syberia is one of them, I should say .. this game is beyond just a game, it was like a very well articulated drama/adventure movie, certainly much better composed than many movies being advertised on TV and etc.

    all the best

  2. A.M. Goudarzi

    Hi Stef, actually I don't like computer games either. Instead I adore movies, specially those in which I can find something new, novel and creative. This computer game, Syberia, is way more than just a game. Its screenplay is more coherent and well-developed than most movies that comes of studios these days 🙂
    wish you a great weekend,

  3. stef2012bg

    Mehdi, I do not like computer games. But I watched with interest both videos.
    Thank you for your presentation. I like the music.
    Have a nice Sunday!

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