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  1. Chris Hansen

    I can go 2 or 3 days sober from alcohol but that 3rd or 4th day to drink I always do. What am I leading towards or what does this mean???

  2. Patrick Dean

    I'm in the process of getting off the streets I feel ya beat my addiction for 4 months now

  3. Mikal Moore

    That Eldorado Drop-Top! Had one in the late 80's. Almost identical. And the song brings tears…. we all live with something.

  4. Michelle Warren

    Real shit

  5. John Kliegle

    Actually that sounds kinda fun

  6. John Kliegle

    Youl end up in the happy house with brit,demi,and halsey

  7. John Kliegle

    Dont be tapping dat ass and getting weird soldier

  8. John Kliegle

    Ya gotta be nice to her doe

  9. John Kliegle

    Il hook ya up with a cheerleader fam

  10. John Kliegle

    The cowboys will not lose another game

  11. John Kliegle

    No comment

  12. John Kliegle

    I hit it anyway, don't tell anyone

  13. John Kliegle

    Cat shit every where! I cleaned it because the smell was horrible

  14. John Kliegle

    She was a cat chic! Mentally ill

  15. John Kliegle

    She's the 4 year old that taught me how ta play war thunder

  16. John Kliegle

    I a girlfriend! It's been 6 years since I've got laid! Rebecca was cheating on me with her husband! I was pissed, They had a cub named Elie

  17. John Kliegle

    To bad that shit dont work doe

  18. John Kliegle

    Cheerleaders fam!! Medicate

  19. John Kliegle

    Hank Williams and me go way back man! Sometimes they get hot and warp..usually ta the left

  20. John Kliegle

    Them cannons last night! Dam ouch

  21. John Kliegle

    I guess il set around and??

  22. John Kliegle

    I got a date with the chic from the lickher store

  23. John Kliegle

    Hi fam

  24. Christopher Jones

    10yrs 7 months sober. This and the glorious sons sawed off shotgun say so much more about our society than any news media.

  25. Teller Of truth

    What’s it all for really ???

  26. no rt

    Now i know where goes medicade cuts from my week check

  27. 2 WheelsForever

    Superman line is fuckin epic

  28. Dani Lastname

    The little girl that had to put her guardian to bed hit way to close to home with me-

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